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Until November 13, The Archeology of Media Idartes series of art, science and technology. The colloquium is structured as a city event, focusing on exploration, analysis and critical reflection around the integration of diverse perspectives, research and processes related to our relationship with technology and its definitions. Its focus will be on archaeology, exploring themes such as indigeneity, art, design and technology, media archeology and inter-ethnic relations.

with the exhibition ATOM files (Atomic Archives), HardiskMuseum, Solimam Lopez and FUTURA Conservación exhibition project Museum of Republic Bank The opening ceremony of the talks was held on October 11.

The event was held in coordination with the educational program Extended protection Curated by Angela Sánchez Barajas within the framework of the exhibition and thanks to the support: Bank of the Republic, Visual Arts Section of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Knowledge, Spanish Embassy, ​​Jorge Tado Lozano University, Javeriana University, National University, Odeon Space, Earth stationCCA and Friske Planetarium.

Within the framework of educational programming held on Wednesdays and Thursdays and experiential programs on Saturdays, at different locations in the city planetary position, MAMU, Javeriana Universities, U.Jorge Tadeo Lozano, and others; Citizens can participate in dialogues, talks, conferences, workshops, performances, slides, audiovisual projections, visits, listening sessions, cooking and sensory experiences led by important national guests such as Juan Orozco, Santiago Arcilla, Barbara. Santos, Andrea Lehner, Ivan Dario Avila, Juan Cortez, Pablo Mora, Carlos Barenech, Mauricio Duran, Maria Buenaventura, Milena Camacho, Mauricio Vasquez, Samantha Garcia, Maria Angelica Maderont, Mateo Hernand. and international guests: Ernesto Orosa, Kenrique McDowell, Avital Ronel, Stephen Hugh Jones, Soliman Lopez, Gustavo Romano, Doreen Rios, Kanek Zapata, Gabriela Munguia, Guadalupe Chavez, Diego Gomez-Venecas, among others.

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A cross-axis from a-archaeology and traditional approaches, a methodology that questions dominant hierarchies of knowledge and cultural, social, regional and historical phenomena; Addressed media archaeology, a research axis coordinated by Juan Orozco, examines devices, platforms and media practices in their evolution to analyze the meaning and history of technologies. It goes beyond conventional definitions of technology and seeks to explore cultural and social processes, events and phenomena, as well as practices such as variation, tinkering and hacking.

The Ancestral and Technological Axis, coordinated by Barbara Santos, explores how different cultures and ancestral knowledge view and understand the world. Cultivating hidden connections and alternatives, recognizing technologies as an integral part of cultural fabric and ancestral knowledge.

From the axis of inter-ethnic relations led by Santiago Arcila, the establishment of multicultural societies and the exploration of related issues will be addressed from aesthetic, political, social and legal perspectives.

Finally, design and technology will be addressed using different approaches to look beyond dominant design practices and explore alternative or overlooked design artefacts, practices or cultures. Question existing design paradigms, explore subcultures or counter-design movements, and uncover narratives eclipsed by dominant historical narratives.

Some special guests, such as Ernesto Orosa, Cuban artist, designer and researcher, will explore his concept of technological disobedience and present his experience in architecture and products created in times of social and economic crisis. Kenrick McDowell, Google Research’s Artists + Artificial Intelligence Program Leader, will bring his unique perspective on the intersection of culture, society and technology, from artificial intelligence and the ways in which neural media are transforming the human experience. On the other hand, Doreen A. Rios, independent curator and researcher, and Kanek Zapata, textual and post-internet artist, will enrich conversations from digital art and new materials.

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In addition, we will have conversations, workshops and experiences from the Ancestral Gifts Project: Plant Knowledge, Beliefs and Secret Practices co-created with Biblored, a collection of various streams related to plants, esoteric practices and occult knowledge, divination and rituals.

During the colloquium every Saturday, The Line of art, science and technology The facade will organize experiential activities such as a night of audiovisual projections, a cooking experience and the launch of the book Mihic II Suna Q II Baths of Water by Janjas y Camelones Collective at Maria Buenaventura and Espacio Odeon. A listening session directed by Juan Pablo Pacheco at the Maritime Museum of the Universidad de la Tado, a series of drifts and an audiovisual intervention in the electrical complex of the Carrera Novena. Earth station and directed by United Screens SAVVY contemporary, Aditya Fakhrizal Hafiz.

More information: https://linktr.ee/lineaact_

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