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The gun for this inner fire, football is the only one capable of activating inexplicable emotions. Or in other words, there is faith in footballers that we have rarely seen happen. It happened last Friday at the Matute stadium, also known as La Caldera, and the entire west side of the field shouted for debutant trainer Jorge Fossati for Oliver Sonny, son of Denmark, a salsa-dancing model.

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Among them, 17 Danish guys, wearing all kinds of confetti, headbands and Camarra t-shirts, crossed the Atlantic Ocean to see South America and came to La Victoria to praise Oliver, the soccer player dubbed the cartoon genius.


Not just in Metoot, but they've been crying out for it ever since Juan Reynoso called it for the first time in October of last year. Five months passed, now with a new coach in Jorge Fossati, before we saw Zone wearing the Peruvian national team shirt for the first time. First warning: Fossati invites him to two friendships. Second caveat: He comes with a new look, full blonde. Third caveat: He wears the number 3 shirt.

But the expectation was not only in Peru, but also in his home country of Denmark, as his name was appropriate after he decided to represent the bicolor. Two steps down, these 17 Danish tourists came to Lima to witness his introduction to the sacred Blanquirroja, causing great excitement. There in the East Stand next to the South Stand they could be seen singing, dancing and cheering for their compatriot wearing Peru shirts. Mind you, many of them had already seen him play in Danish football, so they had hints of the display he could deliver on the Matute stadium.

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The defender from Danish first division side Silkeborg made his debut in the 57th minute, replacing Miguel Trauco in the 2-0 win over Nicaragua. But minutes before he entered, the stands were already shouting his name as a signal to Fossati, and that's how it happened. The Danes, for their part, shouted Son's name and as a reward, Oliver stood in front of them so that he could hear the Danes' harangues as he told him in their own language:

Of course, this is a free translation supported by Google Translate.

-“Fire, fire, fire, nuuuul, fire nuul, fire nuul (getting his attention), then we shouted “jeg elsker dig Sonne” which means “I love you Sonne”.

“It's the theme song they adapted for the occasion, emphasizing Denmark's 4-0 win over Wales at Euro 2020, and it's become a motivational song,” says Rasmus Pettersson, one of the 17 Danish nationals on board. Oliver promotes zone.

17 Danish tourists are coming to Peru, their journey in South America started in Ecuador, now they are in Lima, then they will go to Ica, Cusco and Machu Picchu.

According to Cusco tour guide Angel Ugart, when the Danes arrived in Lima, they wanted to see Oliver Sohn on the playing field. “I wanted to encourage them because the game was in La Victoria, but because of their insistence they bought tickets, T-shirts, we arranged everything for us to come,” Angel added.

Danes encourage Soné against Nicaragua

“Some of them already know Son, they have seen him play against their teams. It seemed strange to them that he had agreed to play for Peru and how the Peruvian people adored him. To Sonne. They don't understand why they like it so much,” commented the tour guide.

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Focusing on the conversation, one of them, who speaks Spanish and English, says: “We heard that Peru was going to play a match with another country, and we knew that Soné was invited. So we wanted to come to the stadium,” says Rasmus Pietersen.

“Danish newspapers questioned why Sone chose Peru over Denmark, and as a result, Oliver has a greater reach on social networks and this may be one of the reasons why he decided to play here,” says Petersen.

We also asked him what Oliver Sohn saw in Denmark, and Rasmus Pietersen answers us: “He is a normal, regular player, he doesn't stand out much because there are better players in his position, however, after he decided to play for Peru, he caught the world's attention. His decision made everyone talk about him. “We would have liked him to be a starter.”

As the competition progressed, they wrote to Son without success.

Rasmus told El Comercio that he had written to Oliver Sohn on his Instagram account hoping to get a photo with the Peruvian national team, but had not received a reply as of the end of this report.

Danes writes to Sonne that they are going to see him at Matute

Danes writes to Sonne that they are going to see him at Matute

“We're boys and girls from Denmark, we're going to be in Lima, we want to go to the stadium, we want to watch South American football. It would be great if we could meet for a photo shoot and/or give tickets,” Rasmus Pettersson translated.

Finally, when Brazilian referee Paulo Sanovelli blew the whistle at the end of the game, the Danes hugged like fans in their victory over Denmark. They are currently in Cusco to continue their tour of Peru, but it was nice to see Oliver Sohn make his debut in a Peruvian national team shirt.

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Danes who went to the stadium
Sarah Fribert Krupp
Cicely Gondrup Carlson
Camilla Hornback
Christina Hogen Olson
Casper Faltz Johannison
Stein Bjerg Christensen
Jacob More
Astrid Holk Brauer
Caroline Marlow Bentson
Casper Holm
Oskar Bojgaard
Dear Mary Yate
Jesper Bose
Rasmus Pietersen
Jasmine Stevens Rendback
Sabine van den Hengel
Clara Grafelt Thompson

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