One of the most curious astronomical events in our solar system will happen in a few days: what is it all about?

This phenomenon occurring in the universe can cause great interest among the general public due to its beauty and uniqueness. Where can you find it?

Planets. Unsplash photo

Next June 3, One of the most special astronomical events in our solar system will take place as six planets align in the sky.

Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune They are all seen together from Earth, which accounts for the spectacular nature of the event. The thing is, even though it happens several times a year, it’s not the norm for them Close enough to each other that we humans can see from the planet we live on.

Astronomy, Planets.  Photo: Unsplash Astronomy, Planets. Photo: Unsplash

Considering that dawn is the best time to observe this particular planetary formation, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn can be seen with the naked eye Although it will be required in heaven A telescope to see Neptune and Uranus.

ExoMars - Planeta Marte

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How and from where to see the six planets?

One of the incredible peculiarities of this astronomical phenomenon It is known almost everywhere in the world.

As such, however, it is worth clarifying June 3 will be the date when the event will be visible in most countriesThe best day to view this spectacular event varies depending on the location of astronomy fans who wish to witness it.

Astronomy, Planets.  Photo: Unsplash This phenomenon can be seen all over the world. Photo: Unsplash

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In South AmericaThe best time to experience a planetary alignment is early morning May 27.

Finally, the best way to find the planets correctly is with free apps Google Sky MapThis allows all stellar components to be identified.

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