One Piece Episode 1109: Release Date and Spoilers

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One Piece Episode 1109 is going to reveal some surprising details that all fans are not expecting, so here we reveal some spoiler speculations surrounding the premiere date. Of course, read very carefully if you don't want to find out anything.

The One Piece anime is already very close to its final saga, which is why many fans are lining up their seats and waiting to see what's new for Luffy and his crew. Also, the anticipation is overflowing as the egghead arc is already coming to an end.

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The previous chapter begins with Caribou asking Katerina Devon and Van Aguirre to meet Blackbeard. It promises to provide you with valuable information, and undoubtedly, it is about ancient weapons.

However, Devon and Agur do not believe Caribou's words. The chapter does not mention whether Caribou can meet Blackbeard. The fight continues at Egghead as Luffy entertains Shani and Chirru to get Sanji to take the speed bump.

Velapunk barely survives after receiving fatal injuries from both Saturn and Kizaru. This chapter ends with a shocking announcement to the world. Dark Secrets of World Government.

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Many experts warn fans to stay away from One Piece Chapter 1109 spoilers because there are shocking moments, so now you know, We've already warned you that there are possible previews below.

One Piece Chapter 1109 Release Date

Since there is no break this week, One Piece Chapter 1109 will premiere on March 3 at 7 AM PT. You can find your time zone below:

  • 11:00 AM Eastern Time
  • 16:00 British time
  • 17:00 European Time
  • 20:30 Indian Time
  • 23:00 Philippines time

One Piece Chapter 1109 Spoilers Speculation

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If you want to stay away from potential spoilers, it's best to leave it here! OK, then let's continue.

As Sanchi carries Vegapanga to safety, the old scientist smiles with relief even at death's door. Egghead does not hesitate to give his life to protect anything. Vegapunk desperately begs them to stop calling Buster and refuses to leave the island.

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At the end of the last episode, a pre-recorded message is broadcast to the world. Vagapunk introduces itself for the first time and claims to reveal the shocking truth of the world. One Piece Chapter 1109 will reveal what that news is.

However, in some places in the world, the atrocities committed by the world government and the Sky dragons, the masses generally regard them as good. This is especially true of the kingdoms aligned with the World Government, who are unaware of the truth behind the Ohara incident and more.

Vegapunk knows all of his darkest secrets, so his message will undoubtedly cause great confusion throughout the world. However, it is not yet clear how much he is willing to reveal.

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Spoilers will be out a few days before the official premiere. We will update this space when we get more information about One Piece Chapter 1109.

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