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Couldn’t stand it. Miguel Barberon After the ex-boyfriend’s statements of the truth, he was absolutely furious Alvaro Perez, he admitted that several years ago, when he was leaving Combat, “some brothers who owned a beauty salon” asked for sexual favors to work with them. This revelation is related to the ‘Palazzo Brothers’, one of whom spoke harshly.

In an interview with Peru 21, Miguel Barberán lamented that Alvaro’s statements had created a strong controversy. He promised that he would focus on taking care of his family and not pay attention to negative comments.

I would like to (reply) if it is importantBut right now I am very busy with my work, family and my pet,” he said.

Brother Paledazo admitted that the ATV reporter also visited his house because they gave him so much confidence.

I already saw those statements out of place. I will not give restoration to a person who is trusted to visit my house Y Now I do not know with what motive he utters the greatest barbarity, and must mention my mother”, he shrugs.

Alvaro Perez makes a strong complaint against the brothers who own a beauty salon

What did Alvaro Perez say about the Paledazo brothers?

El exico reality Alvaro Perez He was interviewed by journalist Anthony Casimiro for his TikTok channel and dropped a huge bombshell about Juan and Miguel Barberon, better known as “Los Hermanos Paledazo” in Solywood show business.

Alvaro Perez surprised all his followers with an amazing revelation about some famous brothers who own a beauty salon. “When I left the game and was looking for a job, some brothers who own a beauty salon… A few words for a better understanding… I have all the evidence and likeness… Good place to say it… They went on a game show called ‘All or Nothing’ and they were very polite to me. . I asked them if I could handle their social networks,” the former reality guy recounted.

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According to his testimony, he went to the brothers’ apartment with a printed CV but was shocked to see what they presented him with. “One of them ended by practically saying that if I slept with him, he was going to give me everything I wanted.. I felt so offended that I practically sent him away…”, he angrily commented.

“It disgusts me every time I see this, people who take advantage of a young person, you put someone in that position who is going to go to work and knock on doors, I think they are sons…” , the caption concluded.

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