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The hosts of Vilax's 'A Day at the Mall' had a minor disagreement live. 'Donna Betta'. when Andrea Arana Paolo Guerrero's mother commented that she gave Brunella Horna the 'flannel' because her son's partner, Ana Paula Consorte, disagreed. Valeria Flores He came to the defense of the footballer's mother, saying she only praised him for 'just being nice'.

At one point in their show, the hosts commented on 'Donna Betta' speaking note for the American Hoy Project, where she offered words of praise. Brunella Horna He called her a good wife and mother amid comments about the 'feud' between them Ana Paula SpouseHis son's partner and wife Richard Acuna.

“What did people expect? They ask 'Donna Betta' to say hello to Brunella, and she says she can't speak? (…) They were very short congratulations, not like a story was dedicated to him on Instagram. To me it was love. “It doesn't sound too scandalous to me.”Valeria Flores said.

However, his partner Andrea Arana immediately responded: “You gave her a warm greeting, but a good wife, a good mother, a good daughter, a good professional, the most beautiful blonde on television, and nothing more. Well, it's like Valeria putting a little flannel (to Brunella), because she can give her A greeting could be sent, which gave Ana Paula Consort a hint that Brunella was a good wife and a good mother. announced the young TV host.

In the show America TodayWhere Brunella Horna is co-hosting, Ana Paula consort was revealed to have insulted the blonde in her own home during their meeting to finalize the footballer's contract. Paolo Guerrero.

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