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Stop everything. Paolo Guerrero Keeps the team from head to toe Cesar Vallejo University, as he is coming to our country, the delay in joining the 'Poet' team continues. According to the explosive revelations of ESPN's Peruvian journalist, Franco Lostanau, The 'Predator' would have retreated because he felt “uncomfortable” and that too. Lima Alliance piqued your interest Sign him at the cost possible.

TROME | Paolo Guerrero's situation at UCV

Paolo Guerrero's visit to Peru was scheduled for last Saturday, February 10 The footballer was expected to be presented in style this Monday; However, this is unlikely and means that the ESPN journalist reveals.

“Today, Sunday the 11th, they told me that Paulo Guerrero's arrival at UCV has not been confirmed. Something happened this week, the player is not comfortable and it seems he doesn't want to go to Vallejo.. It wants to find a big club in Lima and get him. You can imagine which club I am talking about,” the journalist said through his Twitter account.

Paolo Guerrero already wears a César Vallejo shirt. (Photo: UCV Press)

Guas's annoyance with Paulo Guerrero

Throme's wish was learned 'Predator', Postponing his trip has created discomfort in the Northern Board led by Cesar Vallejo. Richard AcunaWho asked for rent Mancich Stadium He had to spend a lot of money for his presentation this Monday.

The leaders hired a production company from the capital to take care of all the details, and if there is a postponement, the costs will increase by rescheduling a new date for the presentation.

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