Paolo Guerrero This is the Brazilian account of Paulo Guerrero’s goal and provocative celebration in Copa Sudamericana Sao Paulo.

The Quito-based LDU striker surprised Brazilian journalists covering the game for his controversial gesture to Sao Paulo fans in Morumbi.

This is Brazil’s story about Paulo Guerrero’s goal | Libero composition

Paulo Guerrero is on everyone’s lips on the continent for his controversial gesture to São Paulo’s fans after converting a penalty goal with LDU Quito, so the moment didn’t go unnoticed in Brazil.

In the full coverage of the meeting, journalists did not hesitate to show their admiration towards the Peruvian striker for making the C sign, referring to his past at Corinthians.

In the audio you can hear: “He’s baiting, look at this bait, there he’ll see yellow”, some words heard in the broadcast of the match.

Likewise, one of the Morumbi ground floor people began to describe the tricolor fans’ irritation with the actions of the ‘Predator’, and people began to subdue Peruwala.

Paolo Guerrero won the Club World Cup with Corinthians

It’s important to remember that Paulo Guerrero had a fantastic time at Corinthians, as he was the Peruvian who scored a goal for the club’s World Cup title just weeks after arriving in Dimao.

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