Paracas toilet paper: Company fined S/2 million for false advertising on its 40-meter roll | indecopi | atmp | economy

Paracas toilet paper: Company fined S/2 million for false advertising on its 40-meter roll |  indecopi |  atmp |  economy

Integopi’s approval for Papilera Reis is a last resort. Photo: Composite LR/Indecopi/Paracas

Indecopi was allowed, in the last administrative event, Trash can kings For spreading false advertisements on their digital media such as website, social networks etc Influencers. In his business ad, he said Rolls Toilet paper Paracas Black Premium had a length of 40 meters, although there are no elements to prove the said statement.

In this regard, the Special Chamber for Protection of Competition of the said organization 482.78 UIT penalty, which is equivalent to S/2 million 389,761. According to the company, the company was engaged in activities Unfair competition in the form of deception.

Paragas Toilet Paper: What evidence do you have to prove it?

On investigation, it was revealed There is no proof Provided by Papelera Reyes such as technical file, notarial certificate, laboratory and internal report; They are sufficient to prove the truthfulness of the message conveyed in the advertisement.

According to Indecopi, the company violated Section 8 of the Suppression of Unfair Competition Act. Photo: Composite LR/Paracas/Indecopi

“For example, Tests do not record date of manufacture“They did not include any study to support the results, they did not follow the correct procedure for examining the sample, or they were presented at a later date than when the ad began circulating,” the Indecopi report said.

Papel Paracas needs to be corrected after false advertising

The sanctioned paper company shall also comply with the corrective measures, In order to definitively and immediately stop the aforesaid advertising campaign, In addition to publishing a notice of the amendment in the same medium in which they campaigned Advertisements.

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Legislative Decree no. Section 8 of 1044 —Suppression of Unfair Competition Act—, Deceptive acts, refers to the effect, actual or potential, of misleading other agents in the market, as to the nature, method of production or distribution, characteristics, utility, quality, quantity, price and conditions of sale.

How to report false ads?

If a consumer discovers potentially false advertising, they can file a complaint with Indecopi for free, uploading photos, videos, etc.

In This link In Indecopi you can see the steps to register a claim. You can also contact phone lines 224-7777 Lima and The 0-800-4-4040 to regions.


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