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Likewise, Alonso Correa finished fifth in the men's tournament and tickets to the legendary Teehubo wave. Both giants made it to the 6th round of the main event, where they fell to the finals. There they failed to finish in the top two of the heats which gave them a pass to the medal finals. However, his work is already done.

Both results, combined with that of the entire squad (Luca Messinaz, Miguel Tudela, Daniela Rosas and Arena Rodriguez), took Peru to fifth place at the World Cup. Couldn't defend the title they won last year, but Peru was always in contention. Since 2010 we have always been in the top ten as a team and since 2018 a Peruvian has been in the top 5.

Alonso Correa with his Olympic ticket.

As Luca, Miguel, Daniela and Sofia Mulanovich attend Tokyo, Sol and Alonso will experience their first Games, which showcases the diverse talents and work of the technical team, made up of Gabriel Aramburu, Carlos Mario Zapata, Richard Navarrete and Aaron Emperor. .

That is why a good meal at home and the joy of having a purpose fulfilled is a celebration. From what they tell us, the boys are already thinking about what the preparation for the Games will be like.


At the final award ceremony – where Gabriel Medina and Sally Fitzgibbons were crowned as individual champions, and Brazil as team champions – the allocations were also officially presented, where, on the podium, there were Peruvians. First, Luca Messinaz with the ticket obtained in Santiago 2023, then Alonso and Sol, after the show in Puerto Rico.

Watching them closely was champion and Olympian Sofia Mulanovic, who participated as the official commentator and praised the Peruvians' performance.

“We are very happy to have two more places. This reaffirms that Peruvian surfing is a world power. Sol and Alonso showed their quality with great consistency in their heats and on the brink of the final,” the 2004 and 2019 world champion, who was at Tokyo 2020, told us.

What's coming up for the boys is the dream of many surfers: competing in Tehuabo, or 'sobo' as they call it in Tahiti. They are huge, aggressive waves that demand the maximum from the classifieds.

“Being at Tehuapo'o is a dream come true for surfing because there's no better wave to show what a great connection surfers have with the ocean and nature,” explains Sophie. “'Dehubo' is an effect wave and one of the most dangerous in the world, and if it's a good wave day, surfing can be a very impressive sport to watch on screen. It's a spectacle,” the Peruvian surf queen tells us.

Luke and Soul both qualified for the Games.

Luke and Soul both qualified for the Games.

El Comercio learned that the Peruvian Board Federation is planning training sites in Tahiti before the Games so that the national surfers can fight for a medal. Luca is already in the Paris 2024 program and they need to move quickly to add Sol and Alonso to get the right product.

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Surfing never ceases to delight us and the games keep coming. But Luke is looking for a return to CT and the other boys for a spot in the Challenger Series.

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