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19:46 | Cerro de Pasco, Jan. 24.

More than 3,500 meters above sea level, in the town center of Pucurhuay, Pasco area, Quechua-speaking boys and girls, members of Ashishum Yachachikkuta (Search for Knowledge), a science and technology club promoted by Concytec, will take a historic step. The region by assembling and launching nanosatellites as part of the CubeSats in Peru project.

He The project consists of three phases. First, students will build CubeSatSims, a low-cost satellite prototype that works with solar panels and batteries; In the second phase, students will simulate initiation; Also, in the third phase, teams will fly operational CubeSats to capture, analyze and compare different data.

As part of the CubeSats in Peru program, students will train in nanosatellite assembly, space science, solar panels, batteries, UHF radio telemetry, 3D printing, sensors, payloads, balloons and satellite communications.

The organizations responsible for the project are the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA Rocky Mountain Division of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics), Amateur Satellite Radio Corporation (AMSAT), and Abelion Aerospace.

He Ashishum Yachachikuda Science and Technology Club was established in 2019 with the support of National Council for Science, Technology and Technological Innovation (Concitech) at Luis Alberto Sanchez Institute with a total of 50 students..

Los The students, under the guidance of their teacher Joel Cordova Ponce, received various recognitions at the local and national level for their contribution to the development of science and its dissemination in Quechua.

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Gina Juan Mendoza, president of the College of Science and Technology and a student, encourages young people to be interested in science: “I encourage them to do science because it is a pleasant world where you can discover many things and if you have questions you should inquire. About that, when you find the answer you feel really happy because you already know something new.

Institutes of Science and Technology

The Science and Technology Clubs are an initiative of Considec, with the aim of arousing interest in science, technology and innovation, and promoting the development of scientific culture in Peruvian society.

To achieve this, students are exposed to a variety of activities that create favorable conditions for the development of their inventiveness, creative abilities and knowledge, and to achieve a better quality of personal and social life.

More than 10,000 science clubs are registered across the countryIt impacts 102,425 students and 9,845 teachers in STEM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), who develop projects linked to scientific research and technology application.

In 2023, the initiative won first place in the education category of the Award for Good Practices in Public Administration.It is organized every year by Ciudadanos al Día (CAD).

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Published: 1/24/2024

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