Patria bonus of 270 bolivars today: beneficiaries and how to collect it in January 2024 | Houses of Home Registry

Patria bonus of 270 bolivars today: beneficiaries and how to collect it in January 2024 |  Houses of Home Registry

Find out who has access to the deposit of the Venezuelan grant of 270 bolivars that will reach the Patria system in January 2024. Also, review how to collect bonuses.

Find out the latest details of the new January bonus of 270 bolivars in Venezuela.

The first cash aid of January 2024 arrived to provide economic support to people in Venezuela. Among the list of grants, there is the new Bonus 270 bolivars, which is now available on Systema Patria. Want to know if you meet the requirements to collect it? See more details here.

Please note that it is important to be properly enrolled in this funding to receive it Official site. If you want to get all financial grants You must update your personal data without delay; This means that if you change your phone number, you must also change it on the website, otherwise you will not be notified via SMS.

Who are the beneficiaries of the 270 bolivar bonus?

270 bolivars to get a grant, that's important 5 members in the house. This is the only way users can get the money in their account through the Patria system. It is important to remember that the payment is done in stages and if you have not received it yet, you will receive the amount within the next few hours or an SMS will be sent to your registered cell phone.

The new Bono de la Patria is offered from January 2024. | Photo: X

How to collect 270 bolivars bonus for January 2024 via Patria?

If you want to collect Homeland bonus By 270 bolivars Native organizationYou need to follow these steps from the digital platform:

  1. Login with your username and password Native organization.
  2. Select a wallet.
  3. Click on 'Refund'.
  4. Select source wallet, amount and account number.
  5. Finally, click Continue and Accept.
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How to get 270 bolivar bonus for January 2024?

If you have 5 members in your household, it is important to know what the steps are to register so that you can access the tariff offered by Sistema Patria from Monday 1st January.

  • Log in to the Systema Patria app or page.
  • Click on 'Directory' option and then click on 'Family Nucleus'.
  • Enter the ID numbers of your children and family members along with their date of birth.
  • If your children are under the age of 9, enter your ID number.
  • In veQR, click on 'Hogares de la Patria' and enter your family unit.
  • Select the head of household who will receive the bonus.
  • Confirm the registration by accepting the Pledge of Patria.

Homeland table updated: Amounts for January 2024

  • 1 member: 87 bolivars
  • 2 Members: 108 Bolivians
  • 3 Members: 162 Bolivians
  • 4 Members: 216 Bolivians
  • 5 members: 270 bolivars
  • 6 or more members: 324 Bolivians

What bonds come to Venezuela from the homeland?

Starting on January 1, the Nicolás Maduro regime announced that it will issue social security bonds to people, which include economic bonuses. Homes of the Motherland, human birth oh Breastfeeding, Jose Gregorio Hernandez Even more. Payment will be made By the last week of January 2024.

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