Paulo Guerrero will try to break his contract with César Vallejo for family reasons League 1

Paolo Guerrero was introduced and even posed with César Vallejo's shirt, but now the 'Predator' wants to terminate his contract for family reasons.

Paulo Guerrero will seek to terminate his contract with Cesar Vallejo for family reasons. | Photo: Libero Mix.

According to the latest information that has come out, the issue between Paolo Guerrero and Cesar Vallejo of Trujillo It would have taken an unexpected turn, as it was confirmed that the Peruvian national team forward would seek to terminate the two-year contract he had signed. What happened to the bombshell signing call? Liga 1 2024?

ESPN journalist, Franco LostanauIt was revealed that he had a conversation with Paolo Guerrero who admits to trying to separate herself from Cesar Vallejo for family reasons. In the next few hours, the Predator will hold a meeting with the Acuna family and reach an agreement to resolve the connection.

In Sportcenter, journalist Franco Lastaunau admitted that he had a conversation with Paulo Guerrero and learned that the Peruvian team's top scorer wanted to separate himself from Cesar Vallejo without playing a single match. Below we tell you everything the sportscaster had to say, along with the unexpected situation of the former Bayern Munich, Hamburg, Corinthians player.

Its arrival at César Vallejo is not 100% confirmed. Paolo made it clear to me that he wanted to play there, but issues beyond his control, non-football, family, made it difficult for him to go. Acuna wants to open talks with the family to undo the deal. The first thing he wants to do is settle that issue before talking about Colo Colo, Alianza Lima, LDU, etc. It's not an easy issue, there's a deal on the table and Vallejo wants it honoredFranco Lostaunau on ESPN reports.

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Although he did not want to specify what family problems Paolo Guerrero told him about, the truth is that the attacker does not plan to play at Trujillo and will look for his future elsewhere. However, despite the footballer's will, it is important to reiterate that there is a signed contract that the Cesar Vallejo club has every right in the world to enforce.

Paulo Guerrero was even posing with Cesar Vallejo's shirt from Brazil.

Will Paulo Guerrero come to Alianza Lima?

Before appearing on SportsCenter, Franco Lostanau revealed that A big man from the capital wants to hire Paulo Guerrero and points out “you can imagine”, so everything points to Alianza Lima.. If the injured Pablo Sabac is confirmed to leave, the blue and white team will be looking for a new attacker.

How much is Paolo Guerrero going to earn in César Vallejo?

If he doesn't reach Trujillo, the Peruvian stands to lose a juicy sum of money as his contract expires. 130 thousand dollars Monthly, an absolutely enormous sum for a 40-year-old footballer and especially in Ligue 1.

Jorge Fossati gives his opinion on Paulo Guerrero

I'm happy that I already have a team, but today I'm obviously facing some problems, so the contract with Cesar Vallejo will be terminated. But overall, Paolo or anyone who isn't training, he's (out of call) in March, and if this is all a rumor, he's playing in Vallejo next week.“, he pointed out in an interview with LÍBERO.

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