PC Factory is launching its Cyber ​​Tech with up to 50% off

Until Wednesday, May 31, the PC Factory Technology Store is hosting its long-awaited Cyber ​​Event. Up to 50% off Among various technical products.

With a mission to bring technology closer to everyone, PC Factory offers hundreds of premium products. The range of products on offer includes From computers, notebooks, tablets and gamer accessories to the latest in smartphones. For tech buffs looking for an upgrade or just wanting to treat themselves, PC Factory Cyber ​​is the perfect opportunity.

These offers can be purchased in physical stores and online through its website. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your cell phone, buy a gamer notebook, renew software licenses, buy a new console or a tablet for the family, the company makes sure there’s an offer for everyone.

PC Factory Marketing Manager Germán Ausensi explained that this event is a tradition they want to maintain every year. “We’ve launched our Cyber ​​to make it more convenient for people to make their purchases, with hundreds of promotions and discounts available to our customers so they can choose the best tech product with personalized advice tailored to their individual needs.” Ausensi said..

PC Factory Cyber ​​not only offers but allows you to upgrade your electronics and equipment with the most modern equipment at a low cost. Shop from the comfort of home. However, for those who prefer an in-store shopping experience, PC Factory keeps its doors open to test the product that best suits each consumer’s needs.

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