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Political leader Pedro Briones was assassinated by a bullet. Photo: @PaolaCabezasC/Twitter – Video: RT

Political leader of EcuadorPedro Briones was murdered as a result of two bullet wounds in the city last Monday at noon. EmeraldsConfirmed by members of the left-wing political group to which he belonged, Citizens revolution. This latest killing happened five days later Massacre Against presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio That’s it.

The crime took place in Parish Park Saint Matthew. According to information received by the police, two men on a motorcycle came to the vicinity of his house and shot him.

The relatives and neighbors of the leader immediately helped him and took him to the general hospital Delfina Torres de ConchaThe doctor on duty could only verify that Briones had two bullet wounds to the left side of his neck and that he was not vital.

Through his profile on X, the correista candidate Luisa Gonzalez He expressed his condolences to the family of Pedro Briones and lamented the difficult situation his country is going through. “Ecuador is going through its bloody time. We owe a total abandonment of an incompetent government and a state taken over by mafias. My solidarity hugs to the family of Companero Pedro Briones, caught in the hands of violence,” he posted. .

Ecuadorian presidential candidate Pedro Briones regrets murder. Photo: Luisa González/Twitter

Murders in Esmeralda

The coastal city last July 16 Emeralds He also witnessed the armed attack that ended the candidate’s life National Assembly by Actuomo coalitions, rider Sanchez Valencia.

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A wave of violence continues in Ecuador

The crime adds to what happened to Ecuadorean presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio, who was assassinated last Wednesday while campaigning in the central sector of Quito. This is a few days before the general elections in the country.

The presidential candidate’s death prompted a swift response from head of state Guillermo Lasso, who expressed his condolences to Fernando Villavicencio’s family and promised the crime “will not go unpunished.” FBI to conduct investigation in this regard.

Guillermo Lasso, the president of Ecuador, was convicted of the murder of Fernando Villavicencio. Photo: @LassoGuillermo

Guayaquil experiencing threats and attacks

On August 12, Guayaquil experienced another day of threats and attacks, when a group of inmates from the regional prison stationed themselves on the roof of the center with painted cloths. The prisoners demanded the return of Ecuador’s most dangerous criminal, the leader of the drug gang ‘Los Soneros’, alias ‘Fito’.

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