Pepino reveals what he did with his first big payday: “I took my mom for a walk, bought her clothes, did her hair” | JP on ATVs | Kille Gonzalez Rodriguez Videos | Business trcm program | programs

Comedian ‘Pepino’, real name Kille González Rodríguez, spoke exclusively. trome and revealed details about his life and artistic career.

However, one of the most emotional moments of the interview was when he revealed what he did with the money from his first paycheck.

The member of “JP N ATV” mentioned that the first thing he did with his salary was petting his mother. The comedian made it clear about the love he inherited from his mother and father.

“Take my mom for a walk, get her hair done, buy her clothes, take her out to eat at a nice restaurant. I didn’t want to cry because my stylist friend was there and I told him to take care of my mom. I gave myself the luxury of spending it on my mother, my dream is to have my parents live with me for the rest of my life., Cucumber revealed.

Cucumbers It reveals that he inherited his father’s talent

‘Pepino’ revealed that he got into comedy through his father, who was known to make the neighborhood laugh.

“He was my first promoter of comedy. He was the funniest person in the neighborhood. My dad was there where the neighbors laughed.

Thanks to the jokes he told, he could support his household, if not money, he got food.

“They asked me to tell a joke. Before counting, I asked them to give me something. They gave me caramel, banana and fish. I told the joke, but in my naivety I didn’t know it was meant for adults”, The 33-year-old comedian concluded.

The man from Iquita dreams like Tarantino. He recalls attending all of his primary schooling in bare feet. Today he has earned 250 likes in a one-hour show and his sketches on YouTube go viral in minutes.
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