Peru Team | “The problem is that there is no ‘another Christian Cueva’, which is precisely what he exploits”: Critics’ reaction to 10’s return to Baikal | Copa America 2024 | Game-Total

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However, even the coach of the Peruvian team finds his presence in the Copa America complicated, with Cristian Cueva recovering from Videna and taking time off to return to football.

With this in mind, El Comercio asked the famous journalist about the current status of Cristian Cueva and who should replace him in the Peruvian squad if he does not make it to the Copa America.

  • 1. Should Cueva return to the national team, why?
  • 2. Who can take your place?

Omar Dávila – Founder of El Bocón newspaper

1. Cueva should not return to the national team at this time due to his health and lack of much competition. Responsible coach.

2. They should give chances to Quisbe and Konza because they are natural drivers in their teams.

Daniel Kaneshiro – Liga 1 Max

1. If he can fully recover his knee in time, he should play if he is fit and finds a team to play. Once those points are verified, we can get excited again about the footballer who once wore the national team shirt. Not before.

2. There is no natural substitute for its place. I would think about Piero Quispe, but we still need to know how Fossati fits in, his idea of ​​play lacks those characteristics.

Rodrigo Morales – Live TV

1. Cueva, I think he should return if he recovers physically and as a football player. There is no other Peruvian player with his characteristics and this is the reason for the positive interest of Fossati’s technical team in bringing him back.

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2, it is impossible to replace him as human, he is a different player.

Pedro Ortiz Bisso – columnist for El Comercio

1. In particular, I believe that if he returns, he should return under strict rules, and if he leaves them, he should not be given another chance. He has endured too much and if he doesn’t want to take advantage of all the opportunities the national team gives him, not just life, that’s his fault.

2. If he doesn’t come back, I think the problem is that there isn’t a player with Cueva’s characteristics, and I think he’s taking advantage of that. I don’t know emotionally, but he takes advantage of it. The only similarity in terms of football attributes is Piero Quispe.

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