Peru vs Argentina | Paco Bazán warned that the channel is developing a plan to return Ricardo Gareca Video | Qualifiers 2026 | game

Remove the ‘small bed’. Francisco ‘Paco’ PasanFormer football player University And the sports commentator has no qualms warning the Argentine’s return campaign Ricardo GarecaTaking advantage of the team’s worst moments Juan Reynoso In Qualifiers 2026 and promote their exodus.

The communicator warned his comrades in the program of this panorama Network light, ‘Eric & Gonzalo’. “This is a warning, not a complaint, because I already saw this coming, because I have been in this business for many years and know them as a football player and from this side.“He said before expressing his doubts.

I can’t say for sure, but something tells me that there will be a planned campaign with a Kareka plan. All the communicators sitting at the Movistar table are from the Bituka information management elite, they all have whatsapp groups, pichangas, and I’m surprised they didn’t say anything after the ugly match in Doha.”, he doubted his colleagues.

Diego Repagliatti disagrees with Reynoso’s team against Argentina (Video: Movistar Deportes)

“No one said anything about the party plane in Qatar”

The former goalkeeper was based on the calmness of these characters after the playoffs in Qatar. “Did you hear anything Zimmerman, Zucker or Repagliatti said about the flight where a barber from Draco and a Cevichero from Cueva boarded Roberto Silva. The flight was a disgrace and no one said anything”, he reflected on the most important moment Karega In 2022 qualifiers.

Finally, he attacked the Argentinian coach for his lack of details in the fight Australia. “Kareka admits that he didn’t read the archer, and they go on a walk to Barcelona, ​​and you hear Sukar or the leading magician get angry about this. I can’t blame them, but it seems planned to me.” he finally commented.

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Peru faced Argentina, with the score 2-0 in the first half, which created a demand from fans who started asking for Juan Reynoso’s head after Lionel Messi’s two goals at the national stadium.

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