'Pituka Sin Lucas': Cast Confirmed and Trailer for New Soap Opera to Replace 'Papa N Aburos'

'Pituga Sin Lucas': Possible Cast to Replace 'Papa En Aburos' (Catch: Latina)

Although they haven't announced a release date yet, the new soap opera is called for 'Pituga Sin Lucas', Once it's done it will hit the Latin TV screen 'Daddy Trouble', Acted as producer King Juan Carlos of Castro Y Louisiana Blomberg.

Chilean soap opera 'Bitucas Sin Lucas' He became a huge success in his country, reaching high rating peaks. That's why he hopes to redo the food in Peru through prime time.

'Bituca sin Lucas' is a Chilean product.

'Pituga Sin Lucas'First aired Chile By Mega from October 13, 2014 Until then May 25, 2015, marked a milestone in Chilean television, standing out for its high viewership. Fiction tells the story of Maria Teresa 'Tichi' Achondo and her familyPeople who are forced to move to a low-income community after facing financial hardship.

Starring series Paula Volpado, Alvaro Rudolph e Ingrid Cruzwas so popular that it inspired a version America call 'Silvana Paavam Lana'.

'Pituga Sin Lucas' Change the series 'Daddy Trouble', Inside Latin Television. Acted in the production King Juan Carlos of Castro Y Louisiana Blomberg It will continue its transmission till April 2024.

The series, a national production in association with Mega Media Chile, seeks to win the hearts of the Peruvian public by presenting a rich family that loses everything and learns that money doesn't buy happiness.

It should be noted that the original version of 'Pituga Sin Lucas', In Chile, it received positive reception, which was reflected in its average rating 25.2 points. The production and story managed to resonate with a wide audience.

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Electric influencer Rick LaTorre He used his network to reveal the names of the actors in the production Francesca Aronson, who is in our country after making international products. At the age of 17, she has participated in some national productions such as 'Miss Tres Marias', 'Ven Paila Quinceanera', 'Margarita' and 'Al Fondo Hay Sitio'. Joins the cast Diego Villaran23 year old actor and singer.

Francisca Aronson, Diego Villarán, Jorge Aravena and others will be part of the cast of Pituca Sin Lucas, Latina TV version.

the tower He also mentioned that the protagonists are Emilia Drago and Jorge Aravena. The actress, 35, is known for playing girlfriends and wives Carlos Alcantara In the picture 'Asu mare', Apart from participating in productions like 'Al Fondo Hay Sitio' and 'Amor de Madre'.

On the other hand, let's remember that the actor Jorge Aravena is Peruvian, but he developed his career abroad, especially in countries like the United States and Mexico. He rose to fame when he came to his home country to star in 'Girasoles Para Lucia', where he shared roles with Gianella Neira. We will also see the members of 'Papa N Aburos' on screen again. They are Paulina Bazan and Jano Baca.

Cast in Bitukas without Lucas. Rick LaTorre

By second promotion, Latin Television He confirmed what he said Rick LaTorre. He also revealed who else will be in the cast Pituka sin Lucas.

'Pituka Sin Lucas': Possible Cast to Replace 'Papa N Aburos' in Soap Opera (Caption: Latin)

It's 2024, Latin Television She continues to produce national fiction and is preparing for the publication of her new family novel. To the beat of Carlos Vives' 'When We Meet Again', the media presented the official video clip. 'Pituga Sin Lucas', All the actors who will make up the cast of its next premiere were revealed there.

Emilia Drago stars in 'Pituga Sin Lucas' alongside Jorge Aravena. Latin TV
Jorge Aravena returns to Peru to film the telenovela 'Bituca Sin Lucas'. Latin TV

For the filming of the video clip, more than 300 people, including production and technical personnel, were brought in, who traveled to impressive locations in Lima and Callo. It incorporates state-of-the-art technology through the use of high-resolution 8k cameras, advanced visual effects and high-fidelity sound.

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The new fiction will have an exceptional cast of people of all ages. We tell you who they are and what roles they will be playing:

  • Guguely Morante (Conchita Mendez)
  • Priscilla Espinosa (Maria Gracia Rizzo Patron)
  • Francisca Aronson (host of Maria Belen Rizzo)
  • Narelle Casapon (Mary Piety Curl Pattern)
  • First National Actress Marta Figueroa (Socorro Lorenzi “La Coco”)
  • Jano Bacca (Salvador Gallardo)
  • Paulina Bazan (Michaela Gallardo)
  • Diego Villarán (Franco Gallardo)
  • Brandon Stieber (Alonzo Gallardo)
  • Gustavo Mayor (Jose Antonio Rizzo Host)
  • Sergio Curinovic (Felipe Arosamena)
  • Tito Vega (Enrique Andrade 'Hernie')
  • Sabasa (Gregorio Sock 'Goyo')
  • Fernanda Llanos (Margarita Brito)
  • First National Actor Roberto Mol (Fernando Iglesias)
Something will happen between the people of Paulina Bazán and Sergio Giurinovic. Latin TV
Both Francisca Aronsson and Diego Villarán's characters will fall in love when they meet. Latin TV

'techniques' (Emilia Draco) is a rich woman, married with three daughters. A major crisis in her life begins when her husband flees the country due to financial problems, leaving her with no financial support. She will be forced to start afresh and move to a middle-class district with her entire family.

In his new home he will have Manuel Gallardo (George Aravena), a widowed man with four children who works at a fishing terminal. At first, both Teki and Manuel clash due to their different paths, but an unexpected and inevitable attraction begins to emerge between them.

After the completion of 'Papa N Aburoz', 'Pituka Sin Lucas' will release. Latin TV
'Pituka Sin Lucas' has launched its second promo, which will see the cast in the production. Latin TV

'Bitucas Sin Lucas' will be screened at 9:00 pm, while 'Father in distress, There is fierce competition. Let us remember that 'There's room downstairs' That too is coming out. Space airs on USA TV at 8:40 p.m.

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Channel 4's production will have new participation. Nydia Bermejo Y David Villanueva Join the cast, while Spanish Alex Bejar Back to production.

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