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Not everyone has the luck you and I have in facing the lottery, but only a few. Edwin Castro Y Yanira AlvarezTwo winners Dell Powerball It has changed their lives overnight, significantly increasing their bank accounts and putting almost everything at their fingertips. Although they are two isolated fortunes, there is one thing that catches the attention of both of them: they have many things in common.

In the media and social networks, the two lottery winners share certain characteristics, which of course they may not even realize. However, although they are similar in many aspects, we must highlight one major difference between the two, and one of them will not be able to enjoy the million dollar prize they are said to have won due to their luck.

Similarities Between Edwin Castro and Yanira Alvarez

The first thing to mention in this section is that, thanks to their names, it is significant that they are of Hispanic origin, because there are more natives than immigrants in the United States, although it is not. Very surprising because there is a huge community in the North American territory from that part of the world, which usually comes to the place in search of better opportunities to grow economically.

He won the draw Edwin Castro held on November 8, 2022 And the announcement that he claimed the award was made on February 14 last year, months after its first celebration. Something similar happens Yanira Alvarez for matching the numbers in the July 19, 2023 drawAnd announced seven months later on March 29 by the California Lottery.

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He bought the ticket at Joe's Service Center in Altadena, and she bought it at “Las Palmitas Mini Market” on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. Castro won more than $2 billion, the lottery's highest prize. Alvarez, meanwhile, received a small but not inconsiderable figure: $1,080 million dollars.

Another thing they agree on is the number 10 in both their plays.

Powerball is one of the most popular lotteries in the US with millions of dollars in prizes awarded every day (Photo: AFP)

A big difference between the two

Although Yanira Alvarez should be very happy and ready to enjoy her hard earned money, Edwin Castro has already bought some properties and travel packages, but she has a strong concern that prevents her from fully utilizing what she has earned. And, as we remember, the Latin prize is in a legal battle in the courts, claiming that, in fact, he bought the ticket.

The man involved, identified as Jose Rivera, filed a legal complaint against Edwin Castro on February 22 for alleged ticket theft. In his case he claims to have bought the ticket, but Urachi F. Romero, his then landlord, stole the ticket from him and never returned it to him despite his insistence.

Although there are reliable points, some raise doubts, so everything will be in the hands of justice. The next hearing will be held on July 25.

Powerball data

  • Founded: April 19, 1992
  • Country: USA
  • Type: System
  • Founded: 24 years ago
  • Type: Interstate
  • Draw Date: Wednesday and Saturday (10:59 PM)

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