Production Minister, Ana María Chohuanca, urges union to march against Interior Ministry | principle

The Production Minister ruled out intervening in the protest against the Home Ministry. Photo: Latin Capture

The appearance of the audio, which had access to the 'Punto Final' program, shows a strong exchange of words between the Minister of Production, Ana María Chochuanga, and the president of Mipes, René Copena.

The manufacturing chief telephoned the president to question the union's agreement to march against the Ministry of Economy over the failure to deliver on a promise of S/55 million to revive Mipes through the acquisition of goods by the ministries.

Reneé Cobeña responded that they have the right to demonstrate against the MEF because it committed to Impulsa Peru and has not yet published any regulations in this regard and expanded to medium and large companies.

“We regret that. Madam Minister, we have the right to be upset whether you like it or not,” Copena replies. He also says there is nothing left of the 55 million from the plan.

Chokhuang angrily tells him that the money is with the Ministry of Interior.

Minister: I will explain to you that it is in the Minister, I will explain to you, I will explain to you …
Reneé Cobeña: I mean, nothing…
Ana María Choquehuanca: I will explain to you that we have an obstacle that is captain, in mininder, changes, changes and changes, where I do not know that you should march.

In a WhatsApp group held by leaders and several other mips, the mips leader explained to the 'Punto Final' that the minister was upset because he had announced military operations and held a press conference.

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In the press conference they are going to complain to the Minister of Economy and Minister of Production about the reactivation schemes and procurement from the MSEs they have provided. That is, Impulsa Perú, With Punch Peru. “Every time they keep changing the name, because someone can't comply, they change the name, but it's basically the same,” Copena told 'Punto final'.

That's when Ana Maria Chochuanga proposes to the leader. He tells them that instead of complaining against the MEF and its portfolio, they should point their opposition against the Home Ministry and urges them to march against the department and offers to go with them. The minister himself considered Torres a hindrance and replaced the captain.

Reneé Cobeña: Why don't you change it?
Ana Maria Chochuanga: It does not let us move forward. Ask him, ask him, there is union power, ask him, go there, tell him to change it, I'm glad because I asked the minister, and of course he has the whole security issue because of it. The country, the insecurity, he couldn't do that, but I'm going to reiterate that tomorrow.

For example, Chohuanca has tasked the Ministry of the Interior with ensuring that public money to buy police uniforms does not go to mibes.

Ana María Choquehuanca: That girl has to leave, those files are delayed, delayed, delayed, comma, period, now they're waiting for the file to be returned, period, comita, little phrase, a supplier like that, I mean, you know what, we're bloated, because It has turned into a stone and needs to be flushed out quickly. So, you have to go there for the reason.

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Minister Chochuanga is referring to Captain Rosa Maria Lindo Turin, who has been assigned to the Police Logistics Division since 2009. As head of development and quality control, he designs the company's purchasing requirements and approves the quality of purchases.

The Industrial Officer is an Industrial Engineer and has been with PNP Logistics for five years. It survived the administration of 19 Home Ministers. Despite the experience of state procurement, Choquehuanca wants to publish it.

Ana María Choquehuanca: I asked the captain to ignore it, and that's what you should have insisted on for a while. If they wanted to do anything, it was to get rid of this person who had become an obstacle more than anything else.

Renee Copena understands the work of Rosa Maria Lindo Turin. He says that as a plaintiff he has the right to complain if a technical sheet is wrong, with the correct measurements and model. He doesn't think she's protesting, but rather wants things to go well. She feels that they are taking her as an excuse and a scapegoat.

“Look, I have been a union leader for 25 years and in my life, at 57, I have never heard a minister urging us to march with another minister. I'm stunned, I've never heard of a government shooting itself in the foot,” René Copeña said on 'Punto Finale'.

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