Public sector bonus payment date 2023: When will the 150 bolivar bonus be paid? | Bonus payment date is 2023

Public sector bonus payment date 2023: When will the 150 bolivar bonus be paid?  |  Bonus payment date is 2023

In the next few days, Venezuelan citizens will receive the 2023 bonus. Find out the amount and date you need to collect here.

Review all the details of Bonus Payment 2023 for Public Sector Employees. | Composition: Libero.

Public Employees Bonus Pay Schedule 2023 | To continue to help people facing economic crisis in Venezuela, The The Nicolás Maduro regime Helped to provide various bonuses across the territory. For this reason, there are those who wonder about the planned bonus payment at the end of the year.

We must mention that the bonus is the economic bonus received by all public sector employees, teachers union and pensioners. In 2022 it was delivered in a staggered fashion, but in 2023 it will be done differently, reports ‘2001’ news portal.

Bonus payment dates 2023

According to the ‘2001’ news website, The Bonus payments in Venezuela It started Ends Tuesday, October 10 and December 23 A special bonus to be deposited in Patria system for public administration employees. please verify Fee schedule.

  • October 10: First month of bonus.
  • November 15: Second month of bonuses.
  • November 30: Third month bonus.
  • December 15: Fourth month of bonuses.
  • December 23: Special bonus of 150 bolivars in the Patria system.

Note that this information is not official and the Ministry of Education is expected to provide details on the 2023 bonus deposit so that workers can collect it in the last weeks of the year without any problems.

How much is the bonus in Venezuela?

Nationally, bonuses have been established that apply to every job in the public sector, including teachers According to salary scale. The Venezuelan government gives employees three months of salary each year, which represents economic support.

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