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City council Free City Prohibits public transport service of passengers or cargo of small motor vehicles MototaxiIn its jurisdiction Decree No. 617-MPL, published this Friday in the newspaper El Peruano.

This measure seeks to protect the life and physical integrity of Pueblo Libre residents against risk. Accidents It can be caused by illegal and inappropriate use Motorcycle taxis In the district, the statutory provision indicates.

Similarly, the municipality says that by eliminating motorcycle taxis, the municipality can prevent, control and eradicate the violence, crimes and misdemeanors committed by these types of small motor vehicles. Free City.

The commune points out that by doing this, the safety of the people will be guaranteed and unauthorized economic activities will be prevented from developing within the district. Free City.

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The Ordinance warns that those who provide public transport services through motorcycle taxis will be guilty of contravention and will be fined.

The Administrative Oversight Sub-Administrative of the said Commune shall be responsible for overseeing compliance with the Ordinance.

And that will continue Register the natural and legal persons who are the owners Motorcycle taxis Pueblo Libre is not intended to be used as a means of passenger transportation or freight within the district; Failure to do so could expose them to administrative sanctions.

Pueblo Libre prohibits public transport service of passengers and/or cargo of motorcycle taxis. (Photo: GEC)

When does this ban come into effect?

This order will take effect the day after it is published in the official newspaper “El Peruano”. That is, from Friday 9th February this year.

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