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Shakira and their children, Sasha and Milan, moved to Miami, USA on Sunday April 2, where they have started a new chapter in their lives as a family. It is a Colombian singer and Gerard PQ After the interim split, which was made public in early June 2022, they reached an agreement on custody of the minors.

Already established in Miami Shakira He was captured by the press along with his brother Tonino Mebarak and a real estate agent looking for a house. According to Lexuras magazine, the 46-year-old artist wants to buy a bigger property than he already owns for the well-being of his children.

Gerard PQ He has already visited Sasha and Milan for the first time in the North American country, where they were caught sharing moments together. That is the fact that the new information suggests Shakira Separated from minors for a few months, the athlete can take them back to Barcelona. Because? Here we say.

Shakira with her children Milan and Sasha (Photo: Shakira / Instagram)

Why is Gerard Pique taking his kids to Barcelona for a few months?

According to the celebrity minor custody agreement, Shakira will be separated from her children as Gerard Piqué will be the one to spend the summer vacation with Sasha and Milan.

In the contract signed by Shakira and Gerard Pique in 2022, it was established that although the Colombian singer would stay with the children most of the time, they would be with their father during the summer and winter holidays. This means Milan and Sasha could return to Barcelona in the coming weeks.

Lorena Vasquez, a Spanish journalist who closely followed the ex-partner’s separation, told the show “Y Ahora Sunsols” that the children will return to Barcelona with their father from Miami for a few months at the end of May.

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Shakira, Gerard Pique and their two children when they lived together (Photo: Shakira/ Instagram)

“Gerard Piguet will go look for his children in Miami, he will bring them to Barcelona, ​​there will be no new trip to Miami until September”The communicator assured.

However, things could change if the interpreter of “I Bless You” decides her young children need to return to South Florida early. “Summer vacations will be split 70% for Gerard Pique and 30% for Shakira”Lorena Vázquez explained.

Although it is not yet confirmed whether the children will stay with their paternal grandparents or spend time with Gerard Pique’s partner, the Colombian singer is expected to be separated from them for several months.


On Wednesday, April 26, Gerard Pique flew to Miami to meet his two children after Shakira moved to America to start a new life with the minors.

The former footballer arrived in the US without his girlfriend Clara Xia and stayed at a luxury hotel with his children. He shared several moments with the minors, including eating pizza at the restaurant.

The former Spanish footballer with Milan and Sasha, his children with Shakira (Photo: Gerard Pique / Instagram)

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