Renato Rossini called Christian Meyer ‘ungrateful’ and reminded him of when he helped him at Colombia.

Renato Rossini calls Christian Mayer ‘ungrateful’

During an interview Pablo Saltarriaca Y Gabriel Calvo, Renato Rossini referred to Christian Meyer. The actor recalled the time he shook the singer’s hand when he first came to Colombia to try his luck.

Renato Rossini He mentioned that he even gave him his driver, but when he returned to Colombia to greet him, he didn’t even answer the phone, thus highlighting that his support was not well reciprocated.

“When Cristian went to Colombia, you gave him a party at your house,” began Gabriel Calvo. “That’s right,” Rossini replied. “You gave him your driver, everything,” the Torbellino singer said. “That’s when he ran off with my driver and never came back,” said the blonde artist.

Renato Rossini says Christian Mayer was not grateful to him despite helping him get his start at Columbia.

“You called him when he was already in Colombia. You’re back in Colombia. “You called him to say hello,” continued Gabriel Calvo. “That’s right,” was all Renato could say. “What happened? “Your representative answered you,” Pablo Saldariaca’s partner asked him. “His manager,” Renato said.

“What did he answer you?” Calvo asked. “Dudududu,” Rossini pointed out, clearly noting that Christian Meyer never answered him. “He said he couldn’t help you,” Gabrielle asked him. Renato continued: “Dudududu.” “What you see, you don’t hear,” said the reminisced Malisia actor.

Gabriel Calvo He allowed his irritation to show, for to him, Christian Meyer He acted “cool” in front of a guy who helped him. “I know Renato very well and I know very well that he will never get angry in that regard. If he meets a foot, he is going to congratulate you, he is going to shake your hand,” he noted.

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For its part, Renato Rossini He pointed out that he believes in humility and that no one is better than anyone else. “Whether you are an actor or not, we are all one. If you are a successful surgeon, you owe it to your entire clientele. Respect and affection should be given to all of them. People you don’t even know, we’re all one,” he said.

Renato Rossini is known for his roles in many film and television productions. Additionally, it was part of one of the program’s seasons Great celebrity chefWith his son Renato Jr.

The artist’s career began in the 1990s, accumulating vast experience in various productions in Peru and abroad. His debut was with roles in soap operas ‘The Avenging Angel: Caligula’, The production in which he shared roles Christian MeyerLike ‘Malicia’, ‘Obsesión’ and ‘La noche’.

Renato Rossini and Christian Meyer in Caligula. The actors have shared roles in several Latin television soap operas.

After that he attended.hurricane’In 1997, he met Gabriel Calvo. In subsequent years, his talent led him to lead roles such as the antagonist in ‘Soledad’ in 2001, and later in transnational productions such as the Peruvian-Venezuelan collaboration ‘Besame Fool’.

His career expanded to Columbia through ‘Louisiana’s Nights’ and to Miami, where he participated in ‘White’s Widow’, establishing his residence in the latter city since 2006.

Rossini returned to Peru in 2007 Rosanna Fernandez-Maldonado Soap Opera ‘Unrequited Love’. The following year he participated in the film ‘Gabriel’ SayannaThe series was recorded in Miami.

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Throughout his career, Rossini has shown versatility in alternating between acting and producing, as evidenced in projects such as 2015’s ‘Al Filo de la Lay’, which stood out for its integration of renowned Peruvian actors. Rossini has also ventured into reality television and series, appearing in shows like ‘The Great Show’ and ‘The Successful Comes’.

As for his personal life, the actor has two children. One of them Renato Jr., He is also immersed in the world of entertainment. She is known as a content creator on her TikTok account, where she does not hesitate to interact with her father.

Renato Rossini breaks down over his son’s ouster from The Great Celebrity Chef. Latin TV

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