Researchers say the government is investing in science and technology amid an election campaign that proposes curbing it

Argentina-trained researchers and experts currently working abroad say: State investment in education, science and technology Within the framework of an election campaign, its continuity has been jeopardized National Science Policy. “We have different political-partisan ideologies, but we are united in our concern about some of the lies being told in the Argentine election campaign and endangering our country’s future development potential,” they wrote.

The document, which has 725 signatures, highlights the relevance of a state promoting basic and applied science. As the letter explains, the United States, China, Russia, South Korea and Europe have managed to become powers with strong and sustained state investment. Collaborative work between public research centers and private institutions. “Every day, these countries in which we live devote a very high proportion of taxpayers’ taxes to research and scientific-technological development.. “Nothing they have achieved and continue to achieve would have been possible without the fundamental role of the government,” they assured.

In this sense, they highlighted many items for daily use that arose as a result of collaboration between the public and private sectors. This is the case with the Internet, the iPhone, and various drugs. Innovations such as space travel and artificial intelligence in the past decades would not have been possible if the government had not provided them Resources for knowledge and production structures.

“Many countries are better than Argentina and many are worse. To be among the best We need a state that can and wants to invest more in education, science and technology with a sustainable model”They decided.

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