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It is Dustmate from Environment and Technology, an indispensable tool for real-time monitoring of production areas. The instrument allows to identify the concentration of PTS, MP10, MP2.5 and MP1 particles and obtain inhalable, thoracic and respirable fractions that threaten the health of workers.

Proper dust management improves health conditions, reduces respiratory diseases, and, at the same time, prevents hazards to miners and the surrounding population. Likewise, it maintains visibility on roads traveled by trucks and miners.

In this context, the company Environment and Technology (AYT) DustMate has developed equipment that is an essential tool for real-time monitoring of total suspended dust concentration on dirt roads and other production areas, mining and construction sites.

With these tools, the effectiveness of various pollution control measures implemented in the project can be controlled, among which the use of dust suppressors, irrigation of roads and speed control are the most used, explained from AYT. .

Suspended dust can be a precipitating factor for accidents, for example, dangerous in mining. An example of this is that heavy truck traffic can kick up large amounts of dust, making visibility difficult for operators, increasing the potential for collisions and, in some cases, landslides.

Also, if there is not enough dust control, the cloud of particles will be taken by the wind and travel several kilometers, affecting the residents of the areas near the work site. This is how people of different ages are exposed to risk, often without knowing it and without taking real preventive measures.

“In Chile, DustMate is the particulate monitor most used by companies that sell dust suppression products, mining companies and other operations that require reliable and online measurement,” says AYT General Manager Carlos Sal.

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“Dust control is an aspect that mining companies pay a lot of attention to. Currently, the development of dust control technologies is sufficiently integrated into mining operations through constant control and monitoring. In this sense, Dustmate is a fundamental tool to prevent operational problems and mitigate potential damage to communities. ,” concludes Saul.

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