Ricardo Gareca recalls Peru after announcing his resignation at Vélez Sarsfield

Ricardo Gareca recalls Peru after announcing his resignation at Vélez Sarsfield

The Argentina coach said he was confident of developing Velez athletically, but unfortunately he could not achieve that in his short time.

Ricardo Gareca The Argentinian media decided to announce his departure from Vélez Sarsfield, the team he joined at the beginning of 2023 to get him out of a bad game moment, but without much success as the club continued in last place. The Argentina Professional League.

Argentina’s strategist opened the press conference. “It was a personal decision. The period was short, but very intense and exciting. We gave everything in our power. I was focused on getting results and unfortunately we couldn’t do that.”said.

He remembered his position in the Peruvian team

After that, Karega He recalled Peru in his conference. “Leaving the club is difficult. I will not force anything to do with the results. I want the best for Velez and we believe that the best is to leave. I have been with another (Peruvian team) for many years. Work method”he added.

He also mentioned “Vélez is above everything. It’s not the decision of the leadership or the manager, but it’s mine, I understand that they hired us to improve Vélez, not to make him worse. We’re sure he has the substance. To be better than he is”.

Finally, he reiterated. “I have been with a different way of working for many years. We tried to adapt day by day and we didn’t want to do any experiments with Vélez. We understood that this is the best moment for Vélez to review and for a coach. Someone who can run things is coming”.

Ricardo Gareca: His numbers with Vélez Sarsfield

Since his arrival, the ‘tiger’ He captained the Liners for 11 games in which he won one, drew seven and lost the remaining three, adding 10 points in 33 games. Additionally, his team scored 11 goals and conceded the same amount.

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