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Ricardo Gareca Played back in Argentina, esp Welles SurfieldAfter command Team Peru for seven years. Results did not come with him in the process, and he managed to win the professional league only once. Also, 7 draws and 4 losses. Also, he seems to be in poor health. This Monday, the ‘Tiger’ held a press conference to talk about his departure and bid farewell to the Argentine club and its fans.

“Flaco” expressed that the board wanted him to stay in the club, but he did not accept because he felt that he could not change the bad situation that “Fortín” was experiencing. “They all tried to convince me to stay. The results give us a certain continuity. This is my resolution because I understand that they hired us to improve Vélez and not to make it worse”, he commented.

Garega cited his experience with the Peruvian national team: “Something similar happened in Peru, during the first rounds where we were practically the last of the two qualifiers. Then we reversed the situation. Do not forget that I come from many years of activity, with another way of working, I believe that we try to adapt day by day, and I do not want to do any experiments with Vélez.”.

Ricardo Gareca will leave Velez. (Photo: Instagram)

Bad results were part of the influence that led him to this decision. Apart from that, health problems have been bothering him for a few weeks. During the fight on the 19th, ‘El Tigre’ was devastated after the defeat against Belgrano (2-0). He did not participate in the press conference as he decided to rest. The next day, he did not show up for practice.

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Already on the 18th, he showed signs of being unwell. Before River, he commented that he was not comfortable with the team’s situation. In addition, he had to resort to medication to relax and feel calm. Looks like pressure.

“We’re at a point where you need a sleeping pill. You, we, all of us in Vélez live in a phase that does not allow you to be quiet, I am completely like the boys, the leaders, everyone. I’m attached, I live for Vélez, and what I’m obsessed with at the moment is getting out of this situation.”He said.

How is Vélez and when will he play again?

The Argentina Professional League standings table This reflects Vélez Sarsfield’s 22nd position with 18 points. In the next game, the blue ‘V’ forces will measure up against the Argentinos Juniors for the 21st match of the championship. The match will take place on Monday June 12 at 9:45pm (Argentina time) at Linieres.

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