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A heat wave strikes Brazil New records were set this Sunday, with Rio de Janeiro recording a temperature of 62.3 ºC, the highest in a decade, while São Paulo is experiencing its hottest March on record.

in the west RioThe feeling of heat touched 62.3 degrees Celsius at 09:55 local timeReported on social media Rio Warning SystemIt said this was the highest mark since measurements began being taken in 2014.

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In many parts of the city, the indicator crossed 55ºCLike the Jardín Botánico, a leafy southern residential area, it was 57.7ºC.

This is the second day in a row that the west recorded a maximum temperature of 60.1 degrees Celsius on Saturday.. The previous highest mark was last November (59.7 ºC).

Rio Warning He warned that the actual maximum temperature in the city on Sunday would be 42ºC.

A man jumps off a cliff at Recreio dos Bandeirantes beach amid a heat wave in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on March 17, 2024. (Photo: TERCIO TEIXEIRA / AFP).

/ Tercio Teixeira

“We're trying to protect ourselves, we're trying to get to an open place where the ocean is, but we have to do something to stop it.” Raquel Correia told AFP in a central park.

“I'm so afraid it's going to get worse, “Because the population is increasing and the settlements are increasing, the deforestation is very high,” lamented the 49-year-old administrative assistant.

The iconic beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana were packed. Officials have issued advisories to deal with the heat.

The Cariocas also took refuge in the park TjukaAn important nature reserve in the heart of the city.

Hello Paulo, For its part, Saturday experienced the hottest day of the year so far Thermometer 34.7 degrees Celsius.

Isa temperature It was the largest in March since the National Weather ServiceInmed) began keeping records in 1943.

The relief on Sunday was almost imperceptible, at 34.3 ºCIt tied the previous record for March set in 2012.

The parks and squares of the most populous city in the country were filled.

“Before we didn't have this kind of heat, now it's changed a lot, from a while ago to now,” Vanusa Maria Estevan, a 40-year-old resident of the city, told AFP.

Many chose to go to seaside resorts, causing traffic jams at the approaches Hello Paulo, With queues of cars up to 20 kilometers long, local media reported.

Aerial view of people enjoying Recreio dos Bandeirantes beach amid hot weather in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, taken on March 17, 2024.  (Photo: TERCIO TEIXEIRA / AFP).

Aerial view of people enjoying Recreio dos Bandeirantes beach amid hot weather in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, taken on March 17, 2024. (Photo: TERCIO TEIXEIRA / AFP).

/ Tercio Teixeira

Heavy rain in Southeast

while, Heavy rains have wreaked havoc in the south of the country and will continue into next weekAccording to officials.

“The risk will be very high in the southern part of Brazil due to the intensity this week the rain Y Storms. The most worrisome system is a very severe cold front that will bring showers and possible storms,” the weather service warned on Sunday. Metzul.

Some parts of southern state Rio Grande do Sul“Exceptionally heavy” rainfall of up to 300 millimeters was reported.

Municipal Mayor's Office UruguayanMost punishing in the state, pictures were released of flooded streets and buses half submerged in water.

According to Metzul, up to 500 mm of rain is expected.

In February, Rio Grande do Sul Suffocated by extreme temperatures due to an “extreme heat dome” from Argentina.

Experts attribute extreme events and weather instability to climate change and worsening El Nino phenomenon.

Scientists estimate that current global temperatures are an overall 1.2ºC higher than they were in the mid-19th century, leading to an increase in floods, droughts and heat waves.

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