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system. They identified Rodolfo Orellana's illegal payment scheme Photo: Spread

Prosecutor Elvis Suarez Ferrer was able to establish that Arrested real estate tycoon Rodolfo Orellana paid up to $8,000 for each judicial decision, up to 2,500 feet.Possession, eviction or administration granted in their favour 10 Legal Peace Courts of Metropolitan Lima.

This way, Between April 2012 and June 2013, he verified arbitration awards and fictitious sales that made him the owner of 12 properties.This, after being registered in Sunarp by Former Registrar Pedro Guzmán MolinaLegally acquired property was awarded to the highest bidder in the Lima real estate market.

Elvis Suarez was identified as the intermediary for the payment Edgar Claver Briseno Cardenas is a lawyer and former magistrate of the Superior Court of Lima. The material appeared under code B-09 in the payment forms of the Orellana network's bribery 'vault'.

In 2014, Briseno Cárdenas appears as one of the lawyers who promoted the Amparo case, which overturned the Mega Commission's investigation against former President Alan García Pérez. Drug amnesty, trade route, colic airport and water for all.

The 'coffer' of bribes

This 'vault' was created in 2009 by Ludith Orellana With a secret code, members of the organization would record accounts of the expropriation schemes they “worked” and the bribes to public officials carried out in each case.

Keys or secret codes are assigned by the woman Miriam Valcarcel, 'Mrs. my. Meanwhile, every payment and withdrawal is approved Rodolfo Orellana who used the code O-02.

“Edgar Clever Máximo Briceño Cárdenas was an external lawyer at the Orellana company, who coordinated with Mr. Rodolfo Orellana and lawyers from different areas. He had contacts in the judicial branch and was in charge of obtaining favorable eviction decisions in favor of the Orellana studio. For this purpose, with Rodolfo Orellana's authorization, he personally received the amount provided by the moneylenders,” according to the report Waiting Witness 11.

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And then he Existence witness 10 He reported: “Briceno noted to which court the Cardenas submitted the petitions, for they entered the courts where the ever-clever Briceno had some friendship, and ensured that the decree of eviction was granted by paying a sum of money to the respective magistrate.”

“Accounting of acts of bribery in particular action was followed Edgar the brilliant Maximo Briseno Cardenas Appointed by Rodolfo Orellana Rengifo, the criminal execution of the defendants follows the same procedure, the same procedure, the former magistrate of the Department of Justice and the owner of the Orellana law firm and the second lawyer” , to confiscate 12 properties between April 2012 and June 2013.

Former Orellana Studio worker, Sandy Cosio Hohagen, announced From 2012 to 2013 Edgar Clever was seen by Máximo Briseno Cárdenas in the offices on Guardia Civil Avenue, who met Rodolfo Orellana, Ludith Orellana and coordinated with the lawyers of the company they held. He understood that he used some contacts. In the legal peace courts of Magdalena, Huaycon and Ventanilla, the Orellana brothers can implement the proposed processes (for example, eviction) in the implementation of their property sanitation strategies, among them, the Koopmer case, a property located in a Ventanilla district, you know this because Ludith Orellana expressed this in meetings with the sanitary area.”


The prosecutor's office followed the trail and was able to establish bribery in judicial appropriations procedures. In the case of Las Lamosas, five places in the urbanization of Luricancho, Lodização El Club, the first stage.. In this regard, Edgar Briceño made a donation Justice of the Peace Letrado Court of Huycon, lawyer Luis Enrique Sira Ascura, on May 17, 2012, to approve a claim for a simulated illegal transaction; It also directs possession and administration of property Freddy Melgarejo, the front man of the Orellana network, in favor of Valverde.

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According to the bribery form, Briseno received once the court issued decisions in favor of the Orellana studio $2,500 On June 15, 2012, the date the court declared the claim established, and 7.860 soles On August 16, 2012, 10 days after the estate administration was ordered.

At the property on Armendariz Boardwalk, A nursing home was functioning there belongs to Multi-Services Cooperative of Civil Naval Employees (Coopmer)Edgar Briceño presented a gift to Judge Luis Sira of the Court of Huaycán to declare the claim of possession and established administration.

Regarding this case, on November 6, 2012 Resolution No. 01 was released, Briceño earned $5,000 and two days later $8,000. Meanwhile, one more timel Barranco and Miraflores Third Court of Justice of the Peace Accomplishing the takeover, Briseno received another $3,000, which he allegedly gave to contacts in the Justice Department.

These payments were repeated in the properties of Barinacozas (owned by Mrs. María Pacheco de Vizcarra and her daughter Eliate Vizcarra Zevillano), Paseo El Bosque (owned by Gilberto Orozco and his daughter Miriam Orozco). La Concordia (by Carola Canales Cayo and Brothers)Mamakona Tourist Complex, The land is sheltered by the Ministry of EducationProperties Mizaico (by Moisés Mizaico), Oviedo (by Luz Salazar Gómez) and Barranco (by Rosa Mendizabal Torres).

Because of these facts, the prosecutor's office Rodolfo Orellana has been asked to be sentenced to 10 years and 8 months in prison And to the lawyer Edgar Cléver Briceño Cárdenas, 9 years, 9 months and 10 days in prisonand disqualification from public office for the same period.

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