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Rosa Fuentes appears on television and clears up doubts about whether reconciliation is possible Paolo HurtadoAfter their media segment following an 'ambe' involving the footballer Josemary Toledo.

The businessman went live with 'Everything Leaks' to promote his new venture, but could not avoid the uncomfortable questions of Samuel Suarez, who inquired about the possibility of forgiving 'Caballito'.

“I stand by what I said, he and I have no relationship, what we have is a healthy relationship as parents, a good relationship that we can share with our children without any problems.” Fuentes clarified before revealing that he celebrated Christmas and New Year in the footballer's company.

Rosa Fuentes forgets Paolo Hurtado and doesn't rule out finding a new love

When asked if she was ready to rebuild her love life after her divorce with the father of her three children, Rosa Fuentes made it clear that she has every right to seek a new chance at love:“Of course, I am 35 years old and I am still young. “I'm a mother, but I'm still young” He said.

Finally, Paolo Hurtado's ex took the opportunity to explain why his sister Chiara Fuentes continues to have a close relationship with her ex-partner despite the infidelity.

“We're family, he's not only my ex, he's my niece's godfather, it's hard to break up, it's easy to talk, but no one knows about anyone” He pointed out Rosa during the interview.

Rosa Fuentes has already given birth to her third child and Paulo Hurtado is speaking out

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