Russia: Delivery of cluster bombs to Ukraine is another step towards “world war”.

Russia Considers providing Cluster bombs A Ukraine By EU “They are a gesture of desperation” and “speak of impotence” by Kyiv’s Western partners during the 500-day-old war.

Russia Deemed to provide by EU of Cluster bombs A Ukraine This is another step towards a new world war, while recalling that in the past Washington has called the use of these explosives “a war crime”.

“Washington continues to raise the stakes in the conflict (…) America’s deep involvement in the conflict UkraineEven without cluster munitions, never in doubt,” Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov wrote on the embassy’s Telegram account. Russia en EE.UU.

“However, the current level of US provocations is truly out of scale and is bringing humanity closer to a new world war,” the ambassador said.

He asserted that America is too obsessed with defeat Russia He who does not realize the seriousness of his actions”.

According to him, with military assistance provided by the White House Ukraine “They only cause more casualties and prolong the agony of the Kyiv regime.”

“We firmly believe that Western weapons will in no way hinder the goals of the special military operation aimed at eliminating threats to the security of the Russian Federation, including Nazism. Ukraine” the ambassador added.

In his opinion, the Cluster bombs A “gesture of desperation” and the United States has provided them Ukraine Today, during the 500-day war, they are “talking about the impotence” of Kyiv’s Western partners.

“However, they refuse to admit their own failures and the collapse of the armed forces’ efforts. Ukraine To launch an offensive against Russian territories. That is why they are doing new crazy things,” he asserted.

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In turn, the spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zaharova, recalled in her own Telegram channel the words of the former press secretary of the White House, Zhen Sagi, who would have said on February 28, 2022. Cluster bombs “It’s a war crime.”

What are cluster bombs?

Cluster bombs consist of a container that opens into the air and disperses a large number of explosives or “bombs” over a wide area with a radius of 200 to 400 meters.

The problem is that some of these “bombs” do not detonate when they come in contact with the ground and remain buried, causing them to detonate years later when a civilian passes through the area.

More than 100 countries oppose its use, including NATO members such as France and Germany Cluster bombs They have ratified the Convention on Cluster Munitions, which entered into force in 2010, to which Ukraine, Russia and the United States are not a party. (with information from EFE)

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