Salary Hike October 2023: Will Salary Raise $100 This Month? | Nicolás Maduro | Minimum wage in Venezuela

Is the October 2023 salary hike for workers really approved? See what the Maduro regime has to say here.

In this note you can know whether there will be a salary hike in October 2023. | Libero composition.

In South America, Venezuela has one of the lowest paid countries, linked to a socioeconomic crisis. For this reason, we will provide you information about it in this article Salary increase is possible in October 2023.

A has speech Up to $100 increase in monthly income. Read the next few lines to know more details about the topic and whether it will increase by 100 dollars in October.

The minimum wage in Venezuela is in dollars

Currently, the Minimum wage in Venezuela This is 130 bolivars And when placing this amount Official exchange rate of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).Equal to $5.30.

October 2023 Salary Hike: $100 Increase This Month?

Nicolás Maduro has not yet confirmed that there will be a salary increase in October 2023. However, the issue is still under discussion and an official report on the new salaries Venezuelan workers will receive is expected in the coming days.

Some representatives of the Venezuelan government indicated that the measure could be approved between October 15 or the first week of November.

October 2023 salary increase: what did Nicolás Maduro say on the matter?

Venezuela’s president talked about salary increases coming in October, but his words were not entirely encouraging on the matter.

He President of Venezuela There will be no variation in the amount workers receive in his country, but an additional payment will be made Basket Ticket and War Bonus40 and 20 dollars respectively.

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