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In March, after the holidays, companies resumed their recruitment programs. “Market movement is picking up as there is a better outlook on the situation in Peru despite political instability”said Murillo Arruda, CEO of My DNA. Inflation stood at 3.29% in February, very close to the target range of 1% to 3%.

According to Peru Salary Guide 2024 made by My DNA, this year companies will make changes in monthly wages. This is, on average, between three and four percentage points above the inflation rate (between 6% and 7%). “This is a result of increased hiring. Although the number is not high, it is a good perspective.”Accurate Rs.

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talent hunt

Another factor driving the average salary increase this year is signing Senior executives. “They steal professionals, drag them from one company to another, and to do so they have to give them a raise”He explained Murilo Arruda.

For example, turnover from one company to another last year averaged 15%, according to the data My DNA. “The market is improving, but not as much as expected, it should be more than 20% (this 2024). “In a good market, the figure is 25% to 30%.” He described.

At a general level, he pointed out, economic growth Latin America By 2024, it will be a major determinant of salaries. A sustained increase may translate into further increases, but factors such as inflation and volatility may offset this positive effect.

In Peru, technology, logistics, e-commerce and startups will have the greatest hiring activity. Another fact that the salary guide reveals is that mass consumption and retail sales are also starting to move.

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Emotional salary

Los Labor benefits They are now an important component of the total compensation a company provides to its employees. It emphasizes that these not only directly affect the quality of life of employees, but also play an important role in retaining talent and attracting new professionals. Salary Guide 2024.

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“In a competitive job market, benefits can make a difference in influencing a potential employee's decision to join or stay with an organization, especially among younger generations.”Accurate Murilo Arruda.

As such, legacy companies are increasingly realizing the benefits that younger companies offer and are beginning to implement them. “In five years, every company should have a more defined list of non-financial benefits”The expert pointed out.

As a trend, employees expect companies to place greater emphasis on mental health benefits: counseling programs, mental health days off, and access to emotional well-being resources.

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