San Juan de Luricancho: One shot dead at a bar on Canto Grande Avenue

He was identified as the victim Percy Del Castillo Retegui (35), who was inside the compound and was shot four times in the body. San Juan de Luricancho is under emergency status.

A man was shot dead this Sunday inside a bar located on Echenique Street near Bus Stop 6 on the Avenue. Big cornerIn San Juan de Luricancho. The state of emergency has been in force for 60 days in the district.

The victim, identified as Percy del Castillo Riadegui, 35, was inside the compound and was shot four times in the body. At the scene, the National Police recovered six bullet casings.

Security cameras in the area captured footage of a man wearing a black jacket and white hat walking past the establishment, spotting the victim and filming from the entrance of the establishment. From Reátegui Castle. This is not the first time that a crime has been committed after an administration-ordered measure came into force. Inside San Juan de Luricancho.

The body has already been transferred to Lima’s Central Mortuary for the respective procedures. Meanwhile, police are continuing to collect information in the crime branch area.

The minister defends the move

home Minister, Vicente Romero Fernandez, He described the emergency declaration as “correct”. At the face of the tide in the Lima districts of San Martin de Porres and San Juan de Luricancho and the Buera province of Sullana. Insecurity in the country.

“Declaring a state of emergency is right, violence, extortion and killings have come down; however, we cannot remain blind to a reality,” he told a press conference.

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The cabinet member noted that he met Malca Schneiderman, the mayor of Linz this Sunday, who showed his concern and concern for the drama of human trafficking in Rizzo, Arenales and Arequipa avenues.

They find grenades

The National police found live grenades in a house last week Located in the San Miguel de Mangomarca human settlement in San Juan de Luricancho. The bomber was arrested along with his sister.

Felix Palomino Grandus (37) and his sister Claudia (31) underwent surgery at the scene and were transferred to Debingry in the district. Col. Manuel Vidarte, head of the PNP Emergency Unit, noted that the man tried to flee when he noticed the presence of the police.

“The police were able to catch him and he had two bags in his bag, one containing cocaine hydrochloride and the other containing basic cocaine paste. After intervening on the matter and intervening on the sister, we noticed that it was her. The property, the sister was detained due to the issuance of a current warrant, and then we entered this house. “We conducted a search and found a war bomb in the subject’s room. This subject will be dedicated to drug sales. The hand grenade will be investigated to find out if the boy is dedicated to other crimes,” Vidarte explained. RPP news.

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