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The family of industrialist Machiavelli Laura Hume was murdered in the district on February 20 Santa AnitaHe is reportedly receiving death threats from accomplices of the killers.

According to Canal En, the culprits left a written threat at the home of one of the businessman's brothers, warning that his children would be killed next. 'veil'.

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“Next to be veiled are your children. “We keep them on the lookout for big mouths.”, says the text. The businessman's relatives were then taken to the Salamanca police station for safety.

As recalled, the Department of Justice, through the Santa Anita Court, granted an 18-month pretrial detention to Gabriel Perez Rivera of Venezuela and five others who were being investigated for their kidnapping and murder. Machiavelli Laura Hume.

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The enforcement action reaches the associates of Venezuelans Richard Alexander Sánchez Morales, José Adrián Velázquez Botello, Daniela Coromoto Rodríguez Márquez and Henri Augusto Mendoza Vieiras and Colombian Antonis Alejandro Antonis Alejanis.

Laura Hume was driven by her captors to a building on Sol de Oro Street in a black vehicle, however, she got out of the car and tried to run, but was shot.

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The businessman was taken to Hipolito Unanu Hospital in El Agustino, where he died due to the severity of his injuries. In the following days, the police arrested several people involved in the murder.

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