Scanner technology is not enough to fight drug trafficking, the government and embassies agree

Business Security Congress will develop strategies against organized crime

Alan Matrix

allanmad[email protected] | Thursday November 2, 2023 10:20 am

Using technologies such as scanners at ports is not enough to combat drug smuggling affecting goods to other countries.

This was approved by the ambassadors of the Netherlands, Spain and Colombia and the Deputy Minister of Defense, Manuel Jimenez, during the VII Congress on Commercial Security, which will be held this Thursday.

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Diplomatic representatives expressed their countries’ support for sovereignty over the government’s move to reduce the effects of drug trafficking on national territory.

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“Continuing to use technologies like scanners is essential, but it is not enough, but it is an important step,” said Eva Martínez, Spain’s ambassador to Costa Rica.

Operation Sovereignty is critical to reducing contamination of goods in ports, which is why the Netherlands will continue to support Costa Rica and send ten new canine agents to strengthen these operations.

“This event is very urgent, the importance of security in the supply chain is underestimated (…) We cannot continue to be blind, deaf and dumb, it is necessary to take action,” said Christine Byrne, ambassador of the Netherlands in Costa Rica. .

The war against drug trafficking affecting the country affects all areas, recognized Public Security Deputy Minister Manuel Jimenez.

“The only way to control this phenomenon is through a public-private partnership, government and private collaboration (…) scanners are not enough, we need other types of strategies,” Jimenez said.

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International experts, representatives of the private sector and government representatives participate in this Trade Security Congress, which defines strategies to reduce the negative effects of drug trafficking on logistics and supply operations.

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