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He Viña del Mar International Festival 2024 It started with a triumph in the amphitheater Quinta Vergara In its 63rd edition, last Sunday, February 25 and going until Friday, March 1, where the best artists from Chile and the rest of the world compete for the prestigious caviota (silver, gold and platinum). This musical evening features the presentation of the best artists who will thrill the audience of Valparaiso.

Official broadcast Chile It will be through symptoms Channel 13 and TVN (National Television of Chile). Likewise, both the channels' website and apps will telecast this new edition Vina del March 2023. On the other hand, if you want to listen to the show, you can do that Radio ATN and Radio Budahuel.

In Latin America, service Star+ Streaming and cable channel Star Channel They will spend the festival Flags of the sea from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Which channel broadcasts all days of the Viña del Mar 2024 festival?

In this article, review the schedules and television channels to follow the concerts on Tuesday, February 27 and Wednesday, February 28.

Countries Television channels
Chile Channel 13, TVN, Radio ADN and Radio Budahuel
America VPN
Peru Star Channel and Star+
Mexico Star Channel and Star+
Argentina Star Channel and Star+
Colombia Star Channel and Star+
Ecuador Star Channel and Star+
Uruguay Star Channel and Star+
Paraguay Star Channel and Star+
Bolivia Star Channel and Star+
Venezuela Star Channel and Star+
Panama Star Channel and Star+
Costa Rica Star Channel and Star+
Honduras Star Channel and Star+
Guatemala Star Channel and Star+
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How to watch TVN LIVE, Viña del Mar Festival 2024 from Chile?

The sign of National Television of Chile (TVN) Transmitted by cable operators DirecTV, Inter Satelital, Movistar TV, Claro TV, TuVes HD and VTR.

  • DirecTV Channel 149
  • Intersatellite Channel 55
  • Channel 119 of Moviestar TV
  • Channel 53 of Claro TV
  • Channel 52 of Porques HD
  • VTR Channel 19

Where to watch Channel 13 Live from Chile, Viña del Mar Festival 2024?

sign of Teletrace It is available through an open signal (Channel 13) and cable services Tu Ves, Zapping TV, Entel, Claro TV, GTD/Telsur, Movistar TV, VTR and DirecTV.

  • Channel 59 SD of Tu Ves
  • Channel 22 HD T Zapping TV
  • Intel Channel 67 HD
  • Claro TV has 56 SD and 556 HD channels
  • Channels 28 SD and 813 HD of GTD/Telsur
  • Movistar TV's channels are 122 SD and 813 HD
  • Channels 22 SD in Santiago and 813 HD from VTR
  • DirecTV channels 152 SD and 1152 HD

What time does the Viña del Mar 2024 festival start in the United States?

First AmericaWe share schedules to see the festival Vina del March 2024:

Time America Television frequency
7:20 pm ET (UTC-5) Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia; Area: Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee Use a VPN
6:20 pm CT (UTC-6) Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Wisconsin; Area: Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas Use a VPN
5:20 PM MT (UTC-7) Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming; Area: Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas Use a VPN
4:20 PM PT (UTC-8) California, Nevada, Washington (state); Area: Idaho, Oregon Use a VPN
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What time does Viña del Mar Festival 2024 start in Chile and many other countries?

From Chile, Viña del Mar 2024 festival concerts begin at 9:20pm in Santiago. Check the schedules to see other countries' presentation live and live.

Countries Time Television frequency
Mexico 18:20 Star+
Colombia 19:20 Star+
Peru 19:20 Star+
Argentina 21:20 Star+
Chile 21:20 Channel 13 y TVN
Venezuela 20:20 Star+
Bolivia 20:20 Star+
Uruguay 21:20 Star+
Paraguay 21:20 Star+
Ecuador 19:20 Star+
Costa Rica 18:20 Star+
Panama 19:20 Star+
Puerto Rico 20:20 Star+
Dominican Republic 20:20 Star+
Honduras 18:20 Star+
Guatemala 18:20 Star+
Spain 02:20 Moviestar

On which day are the artists of Viña del Mar 2024 performing? Date and time

  • Sunday, February 25: Alejandro Sanz and Manuel Turizo.
  • Monday, February 26: Andrea Bocelli and Matteo Bocelli and Miranda.
  • Tuesday, February 27: Manna and working men.
  • Wednesday, February 28: Mora and Anita.
  • Thursday, February 29: Los Bunkers Y Young Sister.
  • Friday 1st March: Maria Becerra and Truno.

How to buy tickets for Viña del Mar 2024?

The show is four days away and tickets are still available to be a part of Quinta Vergara's “Monster.” Ticket prices inclusive of service charge are:

  • Condition $287,500
  • Priority Plate $205,620
  • Premium payment is $158,700
  • Plate Golden $131.10
  • Average salary is $103,500
  • Gallery $39,675
  • Wheelchair $39,675
  • Auxiliary wheelchair $39,675

The website indicates that the first three nights are sold out, with Wednesday 28th, Thursday 29th and Friday 1st available in some locations.

Drome – Viña del Mar

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