Scientists are developing artificial intelligence to detect extraterrestrial life

Artificial intelligence developed by the Carnegie Institution for Science will be capable of detecting extraterrestrial life on other planets.

Fabian Vega

The scientists Carnegie Institution for Science They created a Artificial intelligence (I.A) is specially designed to identify and differentiate Terrestrial biotic and non-biotic organisms (aliens)

This is I.A Trained from 134 samples is different cells, Fossils Y bones (rich in carbon). and many others Pre-manufactured chemical products. Where, according to the study, Differentiate organisms up to exactly a 90 percent.

This is thanks to a level analysis molecule. And it can distinguish and identify subtle differences between rich samples Carbon (Terrain) Y Non-biologicalor developed in a laboratory.

Ability to analyze remains from millions of years ago and from other planets

Intelligence was also able to identify Remnants of ancient life From the analysis of images Creatures that lived on the planet. A more complicated one was given before it Organic molecules They degrade over time, making their identification difficult.

However, this AI algorithm to identify Signs of past lives Of the leftovers it was a piece of cake. It has been possible to detect biological compounds that existed millions of years ago Fossils protected.

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With this insight, scientists hope to find “Rules of life” so that a species can form on the planet, and:

“Use them to guide our efforts to model the origin of life or to detect subtle signs of life on other worlds. “Even if it’s very different from the life we ​​know on Earth.”

One of the authors of the study, which has already been published in the journal Dr. Robert M. Hazen said at a press conference. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)

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Los Scientists They did not rule out the idea of ​​using it to analyze recovered rocks Round from NASA is interestedAnd integrate it Ships, Landers Y Rovers To analyze the soil of other celestial bodies like Luna oh Marte And look for any signs Extraterrestrial life.

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