Scientists can clone HIV from cells with new genetic technology

Technology to remove HIV from cells can edit genes. (Getty).

Researchers at Amsterdam University Medical Center They have made progress in the fight against howBy achieving, by using technology Crispr-Casdeletion HIV In infected cells. This development, published in the journal EurekAlert!represents a new alternative to effectively combat one of the world's most dreaded diseases.

Technology Crispr-CasIt received Nobel Prize In 2020, it allows scientists to edit human genomes by acting like “molecular scissors.” This method makes it possible to remove both sections Atn Unwanted effects such as adding new genetic material to the body. This is the latest breakthrough in cutting out infected cells HIVMay mark a turning point in eradication howAlso treat various human diseases and conditions.

Standard treatment HIV This includes antiretroviral drugs, which, while not curing the disease, can suppress the virus to an undetectable level in the body if medical symptoms are followed closely. According to him National Institutes of Health of America, those who follow their treatment properly can control the virus within six months. Using these treatments is mandatory for anyone diagnosed HIVRegardless of your age or general health status.

Current treatments for HIV/AIDS are available in the Ministry of Health. (Pixabay).

In Mexicotreatment Antiretrovirals Provided free of charge by Health SecretaryGuarantees access to necessary care for all residents living with HIV/AIDS. This collaborative effort in treatment and research holds promise for eventual reduction and possible eradication of deaths. how.

Despite scientific advances, it is important to remember that prevention is key in the war against HIV/AIDS. To avoid infection, safe sex practices and caution in using syringes and other items that can spread the virus are essential.

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