Scientists have detected an 8-billion-year-old radio signal in space

Since 2007, many astronomers have devoted themselves to detecting mysterious bursts of radio waves in space.

The first radio burst was discovered in 2007, with intense bursts of waves lasting milliseconds; However, its origin is unknown. Since then, researchers have detected many of these waves, over the past 30 years Other energetic emissions from the Sun have been discovered.

According to a publication in the journal Science, many super-bright radio bursts disappear in the last milliseconds, making fast radio bursts difficult to observe.

In order to detect these fast waves, instruments such as radio telescopes work to monitor these cosmic flashes. Some of them are located in Australia Astronomers have helped detect these radio bursts, similar to the one felt in June 2022.

The explosion was detected by instruments installed in Australia and the European Southern Observatory located in Chile, said Dr. Stuart Ryder, an astronomer at Macquarie University in Australia and one of the authors of the study.

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According to the researchers, apparently a group of two or three galaxies are in the process of merging, interacting and forming new stars, resulting in rapid radio bursts. Energetic matter and exploding stars.

For his part, Ryan Shannon, another author of the study, assured that although it is not yet known, the cause of the massive burst of energy can be confirmed that fast radio bursts are a common phenomenon in the universe. to use Discover the interstellar matter.

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Researchers have concluded that fast radio bursts help weigh the universe by measuring matter.

According to the study, current methods of measuring the mass of the universe do not cover the entire universe and therefore do not provide conclusive data.

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Therefore, a method developed by Australian astronomer Jean-Pierre Marquart was taken as a reference. The farther away a fast radio burst is, the more diffuse gas it emits between galaxies.

The doctor promises that tracking fast radio bursts is a fact that could help the field, as many more events have been discovered since its discovery, which will help them build a map of the structure of the universe. Shakti continues to answer many questions about the universe.

Luz Angela Domanguez Coral Reef

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