Second Special Bonus, January 2024: Payout Date, What It's Called and Latest News via Patria | What is the name of the second special bonus for January 2024 | Venezuela

Review all the details of the second special bonus of January. Who are the beneficiaries and what is the official amount?

Second special bonus January 2024: Review all about the new grant in Venezuela. | Photo: Libero Mix

Venezuelan citizens are consulting on a second special bonus, cash aid Government of Venezuela. What is the official amount of this new deposit in Patria system's digital wallet?

Second special bonus for January 2024

After completing the distribution of the first special bonus related to the month of January, this Thursday, January 25, the distribution of the second special bonus called '7 Changes' was announced, representing an amount of 180 bolivars (equivalent to 5 US dollars. )

The second special bonus 2024 was announced by the Nicolás Maduro government. Photo: Social Bonds/Ex

How to collect second special bonus for January 2024?

  • Log in to the Patria platform
  • Go to 'Wallet' and 'Withdraw'
  • Choose the wallet of origin, amount and destination of funds
  • Press the 'Continue' button and then 'Accept'.

How to Register in Patria System?

  • Enter Patria system site
  • Select the 'Register' option.
  • Fill in the requested information and click 'Continue'.
  • A confirmation code will be sent to your registered mobile phone.
  • Enter a secure and strong password with letters, numbers and letters.
  • Click on 'Register' and then click on 'Enter'.

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