Shakira had a “fight” with Piqué, her brother intervened and they would have fought in Miami | uses

From corruption to corruption. Colombian singer Shakira and his ex-partner Gerard PQ, they continue to argue and once again find themselves in the eye of the entertainment press storm. After more than twelve years together, they announced their separation in June 2022 and started a family with their young children, Sasha and Milan, and the scandal continues to surround both characters.

A few days ago, Gerard Pique arrived in Miami, USA, where Shakira lives with her children and parents. The former Barcelona de Catalunya athlete came to the state of Florida to visit his children in a 10-day reign, according to the contract with the singer.Hips Don’t Lie’ and ‘Waka Waka’.

Various media outlets have reported that Piqué is enjoying himself with the children. However, the Telemundo network shared important information: the media indicated that there was an argument between Pique and Shakira, which got out of control to the point where the artist’s brother intervened and attacked the former defender of the Spanish national team.

“Gerard arrived in Miami to spend time with his kids and news over the weekend was that Shakira allegedly had a heated argument with his ex and the argument with Pique turned so violent that Tonino (brother) allegedly had to go undercover to protect his sister Shakira. The police had to intervene, There has been no official and public statement about the incident. Piqué was seen over the weekend, in an exclusive hotel with access to the sea, where he was having lunch with his children, who were seen in the hotel pool.” pointed out in the program Telemundo’s Hot Table.

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Gerard Piqué spent more than 10 years with Shakira (Photo: El Periodico)

For what reason does Bigway see his children less often?

Journalist Lorena Vasquez, from Internet MamarasisFrom El Periódico de Catalunya, citing sources from the ex-footballer’s environment, Gerrard explained the obvious reasons for staying with the children in Miami for only five days.

“As stipulated in the contract, Gerard Pique cannot spend those 10 days with his children because Shakira has made things difficult for him.”, Vasquez promised.

“In this situation, Gerard Piguet has decided to reach an agreement with her and spend fewer days than the ones mentioned in that agreement, why? Because she was with her children until April 2nd, I think April 2nd Sunday, Shakira left our country (Spain) That was the day I decided to leave.”, The press girl continued.

Both those days will be counted into the agreementThat is why Gerard Pique cannot be with his children for the full 10 days, explained Lorena Vázquez. In short, “He’ll be 5 or 6 days (in Miami).”.

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