So there is no sales poster for science The scientific community rallied to reject the campaign promise to close Konizet

So there is no sales poster for science  The scientific community rallied to reject the campaign promise to close Konizet

lived in part A sad déjà vu, an unpensado revival Right here, from the days when scientists came to protest against the budget cuts of the magrismo. And, what a persuasion, it is admitted, is the work of the hour: You have to be on the street, go out to explain, disarm the new common sense that tries to impose., told and repeated in different ways. Scientists, grantees, Ministry of Science and CONICET workers from various national universities like INTA and INTI (National Institutes of Agricultural and Industrial Technology respectively), National Atomic Energy Commission and Aerospace. , the Argentine Meteorological Service and the Antarctic Institute, filled the ministry’s esplanade, leading an embrace that had an urgent meaning: Protection of science and sovereign technological developmentThe presidential candidate who received the most votes in the PASO campaigns promised to close Konizet and the Ministry of Science.

“It’s not corporate, we’re not here to protect scientists, but to protect Argentina,” the minister said. Daniel FilmusHaving a large concrete vine: “Not at Coniset’s Closing Time”. “We are proud of Argentine researchers and we promise to continue working for more science in the service of the country.” At his side, Konizet’s director, Ana FranchiConjugates the recent past: “Every time they attacked us, we pulled out the antibodies and here we are. We have occupied this beach and Avenida de Mayo many times before, and we will continue to defend Argentine science whenever necessary,” he said.

On the street and on TikTok

Molecular biologist Alberto Kornblicht Another flag bearer. “We didn’t think we’d be back here, but here we are. And we hope these demonstrations will reverberate across the country. What is being proposed today is terrorism and we must fight it on the street, through Tiktok, in every possible way.“, asked the famous researcher. “This attack on science is dangerous, but it is an epiphenomenon of something much bigger. A candidate is coming to destroy the very fabric of our social cohesion, and propose that each should manage as best he could. These techniques of impersonation have already been used in history, resulting in fascism,” warned Emeritus Professor of UBA. Page 12.

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Deputy Mara Brower –Deputy Chairman of the House of Commons Science Committee–, a former minister and ex-Chairman of Coniset, Robert Salvaresa, they joined the flag. Also the first woman Secretary General of the World Meteorological Organization Celeste Saul, director of the National Weather Service. “Both Millie and Bullrich are climate change deniers, and it’s a major issue that needs to be considered from politics,” he recalls. and Cordovan scientist Gabriel RabinovitchOne shared joy: “After 30 years of scientific research, we have achieved a new breakthrough in treating patients with cancer and autoimmune diseases. For those who want to close Konizet, who say it does nothing. Quality, I urge you to come and find out what we are doing”.

Consciousness is usually absent

After the act ended with a group photo, the anthem with tears in many and many more supported the horns of the cars that passed through Godoi Cruise. Science Culture Centre He was forthright with his proposal aimed at awakening the scientific professions, another area at immediate risk. A theme ran through the audience: how is it possible that we are on the opposite side of the commoners, caught up in the discourse that we are all idiots? We don’t know how to show what we do, don’t you want to see it, is it okay anymore?, were the repeated questions.

“Science is not expensive; what is expensive is ignorance.” “The Future of Science”. “Science takes care of natural resources.” “Scientific Sovereignty.” “It won’t close, Cone Not closed”. The posters and slogans of the day consolidated the defense of a field that was strategically understood. Conversations go out and say what is at stake, there was a call to try to disarm slogans mounted on anger. And disappointment. In short, to promote what is being talked about when talking about “Argentine science”, perhaps works, An insight that takes shape when progress, achievements are described.

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“It’s déjà vu, yes, but overload. Macri came in, lying that everything Kirchnerism did except science and technology was terrible. He dedicated himself to destroying them from the first day of government, but he did it in the campaign. He didn’t promise to close anything.” Diego HurtadoThe Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy at MINCyT organized the first meeting of the scientific community here at the end of 2016.

gave a diagnosis shared by many: “2015 was another Argentina, where science and technology showed unprecedented power, a country with great achievements with a project, expansion and redistribution. Today we are not in that situation. This government, I think. I am in part, national and popular I have disappointed the expectations of the sector, self-criticism is necessary, but it is also true that a lot has been done in science and technology in these years, which Argentines must respect “.


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