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Pension This is an action that has been long awaited by workers and taxpayers in the United States. To meet the minimum requirements established by Social Security Administration (SSA) And receiving monthly benefits, millions of beneficiaries continue to work and earn income in the country. However, many of them make a grave mistake while waiting for their retirement. Unfortunately, this error is widespread across America due to a lack of awareness of the importance of financial planning for retirement and a false belief that Social Security benefits will be sufficient to maintain a desired standard of living. However, What does this error contain?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) guarantees a critical benefit to all its contributors depending on the category they are in and the requirements they meet. While this is good news for workers nearing retirement, it has also created confusion among the working population aged 65 to 70.

According to various portals, it turns out that many contributors make mistakes during or after retirement. What is it about? Well, the hope is that these benefits will completely replace your job income.

Social Security: A mistake retirees make and it could hurt you in your future

One of the mistakes we make when thinking about Social Security's retirement payments is believing that this benefit will replace our current income. This premise is nothing more than a baseless rumour, because even if you wait till the age of 70 to retire, the SSA Mutual Pension Fund will not replace 100% of your salary and income.

This aspect is important to take into account at any stage of life, but it becomes more relevant when you retire. Keep in mind that if your salary is neutral before you retire, it's common for retirement benefits to cover approximately 40% of that salary.

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The United States Social Security Administration provides retirement and other benefits such as SSI (Photo: AFP)

However, if your income is high, you will experience a proportionally smaller change in your monthly benefits.

Take Your Privileges and Invest: What You Should Do When You Retire

If you don't take this into account, you risk not planning your retirement properly. Building additional savings accounts through retirement accounts such as a 401(k) or IRA, and considering your financial situation and choosing the optimal time to collect your Social Security benefits, is a smart decision that will benefit your future.

If you're approaching retirement and plan to rely solely on Social Security to cover all your bills, you're in for a serious financial blow that can have many consequences. On the other hand, if you can save for retirement, you can avoid financial stress in the future and live a full life free of financial problems, knowing that your monthly Social Security benefits won't be enough to cover all of your expenses.

You must remember that monthly Social Security income cannot cover all of your financial obligations (Photo: Unplash)

Another thing to keep in mind is important: In the coming years, Social Security may face cuts in its benefits. Experts estimate that in about 10 years, the scheme will run out of funds to serve all its beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, this implies that in the future, pensioners may receive a lower percentage of their labor income to replace, emphasizing the importance of saving more responsibly.

How are social security benefits calculated?

If you don't know, the Social Security Administration (SSA) creates a tool that calculates your estimated benefits. This tool uses your current earnings history to give you an estimate of the benefits you can expect to receive in retirement.

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The SSA has implemented an online calculator to calculate your pension payments (Photo: Pexels)

To use this calculator, you must create a My Social Security account. Doing this benefit calculation will also help you determine how much extra you will need to cover your essential monthly expenses in retirement. Additionally, the closer you get to your retirement date, the more accurate the estimate provided by the SSA becomes.

More information on Social Security

What is the average SSA fee by state?

Although not all states pay the same amount, Social Security payments are approved and controlled by the federal government, led by Joe Biden. Thus, the amount may vary depending on various factors for each member, such as retirement age, earnings history, Social Security credits, as well as marital status and list of dependents. For example, in Alabama you pay $1,467 and in Alaska you pay $1,480, but how much does each state get?

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