“Socioeconomics is not a well-known fact.”

The social economy refers to organizations and institutions (such as cooperatives, associations, foundations, or social enterprises) that produce goods, services, and knowledge that meet the needs of the communities they serve in order to achieve social goals. And she will be the main protagonist of the V University Week of Social Economy 2024, which will take place in Ávila between March 4 and 14 with the help of UCAV.

This Tuesday, the undergraduate hall of the Catholic University of Avila hosted the presentation of an event that seeks, above all, to publicize and promote this important economic sector, as emphasized by Javier Jorge Vázquez, Principal Researcher of the DEKIS Group. UCAV. , provided a series of data to put into context the importance of the economy, which employs two million people and has 42,140 related companies. “It contributes 10 percent to the GDP,” noted the professor, assuring that “despite this, it is not a well-known fact.”

Combining the academic view with the scientific view and the field view, UCAV's V University Week of Social Economy (Ciriec collaborates with Spain in the organization of the event) will bring together speakers from seven countries. Like Colombia, Poland, Honduras and Italy.

This was explained by Nolia Muñoz del Nogal, Principal Researcher of the ESODS Group responsible for presenting the program of the V University Week of Social Economy. It said, “Topics such as rural women entrepreneurship, credit cooperatives, financial inclusion, social farming, ecology, democratization of technology, digitization of cooperatives, social economy and kilometer zero will be addressed.”

According to the researcher, the conference will combine the academic area with the practical area, with the participation of universities, academics, representatives of the sector and international organizations.

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For her part, María Paz Muñoz Prieto, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences of UCAV, highlighted the work being done to promote this objective continuously at UCAV and especially at the Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences. . “We have trained professionals in this field through some postgraduate degrees such as Master's in Management and Administration of Social Economy and Cooperatives, or through some subjects found in this Master of Advanced Accounting and Audit of Accounts. Adaptations of these systems are also studied,” he recalls.

The V University Week of Social Economy is open to the public. The face-to-face sessions will be held at UCAV, while the online sessions will be telecast live through the UCAV streaming channel.

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