Sporting Crystal: Anderson Moreira's three options to compensate for Martin Cutruccio's loss

The Sporting Crystal coach is replacing three players who could occupy the center forward position. Martin Caderuccio. When will the Uruguayan return?

Martin Caderuccio has already missed two Sporting Cristal games due to a liver problem. | Luis Jimenez – Diario Libero

Game Crystal 2024 Liga 1 Apertura loses manager and coach Anderson Moreira He will work with the team to get back to the top as soon as possible. The Brazilian coach will take advantage of FIFA suspending the championship for a date to work with his attacking cards to counter the injury of goalscorer Martin Cutruccio.

As recalled, the Uruguayan striker from Sporting Crystal was hospitalized last week with liver disease and he will only return to the field in mid-April.

For this reason, Brazil coach Game Crystal He will look with his other attackers, we are talking about Írven Ávila, Fernando Pacheco and Diego Otoya, to practically include them in the starting '9' team, they will join the wingers Joao Grimaldo and the. Argentina Sebastian Gonzalez.

The mission of the Astronomical Technology Command does not reduce its size without team presence Martin CaderuccioTop scorer in the Peruvian Championship with 13 goals in 6 games played at Apertura.

What does Cristal say about Cauteruccio's situation?

“The first medical examination carried out on Martin Caderuccio resulted in liver inflammation, which required immediate rest for the athlete.” There was a report from Game Crystal.

Crystal goal scorer with 17 goals was Martin Cutruccio

Will Cauteruccio play Cristal again? It is known

Libero After the suspension of the 2024 Apertura Tournament due to the FIFA date in March, Martín Cauteruccio has learned that his idea is to return to the fields, although studies will continue to determine the timing of the stoppage.

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In Game Crystal They focus on recovery Martin CaderuccioWho is their figure and keynote in their quest to win the Apertura tournament.

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