Sporting Crystal overtook former Premier League champions Newcastle United to enter the world’s top 100 clubs IFFHS

In the latest update of the IFFHS World Club Rankings, Sporting Cristal surprised by climbing to the 94th spot on the planet.

Cristal beat the former Premier League champions to enter the world’s top 100 clubs | Composition: Libero

The International Federation of Football History and Statisticsas known by its abbreviation in English IFFHSPublished an updated world ranking of clubs, including Sporting Cristal The Peruvian team took the top spot, climbing to box number 94This makes him one of the 100 best actors on the planet.

The Sporting Crystal has improved by four levels In the latest rankings, the Light Blues are the IFFHS’s 98th ranked team. But by October 2023, they had reached a score of 122.5 after their victories in both Liga 1 and the Copa Libertadores.

Sporting Crystal over Newcastle United

In that sense, it should also be pointed out that the people from Rimac predate the legend Newcastle United In England, the team won the Premier League championship twice in the 1995–96 and 1996–97 seasons.

Newcastle appear at position number 107 With 113 points, their last position is the highest since the IFFHS placed them in the 150th box in the last review.

Sporting Crystal have overtaken Newcastle in the IFFHS world rankings.

Top 10 Clubs in IFFHS World Ranking

Reigning champions of the UEFA Champions League and English Premier League, ‘Pep’ Guardiola’s Manchester City lead the IFFHS World Rankings.

Where do Alianza Lima and Universitario rank?

Universitario is in 138th place with 101 points, while Alianza Lima is in 194th place with 83 points.

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