Sporting Crystal publishes the first report on Yoshimar Yoden's injury

Game Crystal He conducted various experiments Yoshimar Yotún and firm ligament injury.

First report. Game Crystal revealed the severity of his injury Yoshimar Yotún During the match against Cesar Vallejo League 1 I bet you.

According to a statement published on their social networks, the light blue team indicated that the midfielder underwent various medical tests, which confirmed that he did not suffer from a bone injury, but a “ligament compromise”.

“Sporting Cristal Club informs the Celeste family and the general public that our captain Yoshimar Yotún, who was injured during the match with César Vallejo University, underwent various evaluations last night,” the club notes in the first second.

“First clinical tests ruled out bone damage, but a ligament compromise in the knee has been confirmed,” he added.

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More tests will be done

In the same letter, it was mentioned that the footballer will undergo further tests to determine the severity of the injury. “Special examinations will continue throughout the day to determine the extent of the injury,” the statement concluded.

RPP was exiled Can confirm that Yoshimar Yotún He will be evaluated by a knee specialist on Tuesday afternoon to determine the extent of the injury.

One of the players who expressed concern about Yoshi's injury was Paulo Guerrero. It was shown in the conversation with the media Concerned about the position of the center steering wheel. He also mentioned that he would talk to him to know his condition.

“I think he's fine. They said it was his knee. I just texted him and he's going for an MRI. He told me to go to the hotel because there were two people. Come on. I hope it's nothing serious,” he said. In the first moment.

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“The only thing for me is to know how he is, hopefully the MRI doesn't show anything serious. He's a teammate, I have a lot of love for Yoshi, he's a teammate, he's a great player, the team's stronghold. What's to come.” , so it's a big concern,” he added.

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